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Foundation in Architecture Concepts

This training course on architecture concepts, introduces you to all the essential approaches and concepts involved in business, data, applications, software and infrastructure architecture.

Presented to you by one of the expert training consultants pictured below, each member of our Architecture Concepts training team brings their professional knowledge and experience to this training course.

Who is this course for?

Business analysts, project managers, business change managers and anyone who requires a thorough introduction to business-related architectures. 

You’ll be given a comprehensive Architecture Concepts course manual, containing additional information and guidance on further reading.

What's next?

Enterprise and Solutions Architecture Intermediate and Practitioner certificates, which are part of the BCS Systems Development Diploma, and Business Architecture, which is an Analytical module in the BCS Advanced Diploma.

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Course Content

Introduction to business-related architectures

  • The rationale underpinning business-related architectures
  • The definition of architecture
  • The range and purpose of business related architectures
  • The roles of architects 

Fundamentals of architecture 

  • The scope of business related architectures
  • Architecture descriptions
  • Architecture models
  • Abstraction

Core concepts, shapes and patterns 

  • Modularity – complexity & simplicity
  • Systems hierarchy 
  • Architecture landscape 
  • Architectural domains
    • Enterprise architecture
    • Business architecture
    • Data architecture
    • Application architecture
    • Infrastructure architecture
  • Service viewpoint

Pre-cursors to architecture 

  • Organisational motivation 
  • High-level drivers
  • Influencers
  • Approaches and frameworks
  • Requirements traceability
  • Constraints

Business architecture 

  • Rationale for business architecture 
  • Definition of business architecture
  • Scope of business architecture
  • Key artefacts
  • Organisational culture

Data architecture 

  • Rationale for data architecture 
  • Definition of data architecture
  • Scope of data architecture
  • Core concepts, including information and data architecture

Applications architecture

  • Rationale for application architecture 
  • Definition of application architecture
  • Scope of application architecture
  • Application types, components and services
  • Application architecture artefacts

Software architecture 

  • Rationale for software architecture 
  • Definition and scope of software architecture
  • Software architecture components
  • Software architecture artefacts
  • Component design principles

Infrastructure architecture 

  • Rationale for infrastructure architecture 
  • Definition and scope of infrastructure architecture
  • Infrastructure architecture artefacts
  • Technology architecture

Governance & change management 

  • Rationale for governance 
  • Definition and scope of governance
  • Governance frameworks
  • Issues for business related architecture

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