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TAP Certificate in eLearning Design - online 5-week tutor led

This programme will help L&D professionals, with experience of designing or developing other forms of learning, apply their skills to designing bite-sized eLearning modules. It includes how to add the important human element into online learning and how to create both engaging and effective content.

What's included in the course?

  • Weekly one hour tutor-led webinar
  • Weekly online self-study activities (approx 4-5 hours per week)
  • Tutor support throughout
  • Access to online support resources

Who is it for?

Suitable for L&D professionals who wish to design eLearning self-study programmes


Dedicated tutor support via email during your course from expert instructors

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Learning Objectives

  • Apply the six-stages of the development process for eLearning
  • Design effective and engaging eLearning modules through storytelling and scenarios
  • Structure content to create bite-sized eLearning content 'on demand'
  • Discussion on the main eLearning tools on the market
  • Mini experiment with an eLearning tool

Next steps

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  • Creating Visual Impact
  • Designing Performance Support Resources
  • Digital Writing Skills

Course Content

Week one - Creating Engaging eLearning
During this week, we consider:

  • Tutor-led online session: 'Creating Engaging eLearning' (1 hour)
    • Self-paced activities including contributing to an online forum discussion on the differences between e-information and eLearning
    • Reading the course notes on the 6 stages of the development process
  • Submit assignment one- choose a topic for your eLearning project

Week two - Creative Learning and Visual Design
During this week, we consider:

  • Tutor-led online session: ‘Creative Learning and Visual Design’ (1 hour)
    • Effective learning design to include ‘think and do’ activities to keep the learners attention
    • Ideas for designing eye-catching slides
  • Submit assignment two- complete the design overview and draft your welcome slide for your eLearning project

Week three - Storyboarding
During this week, we consider:

  • Tutor-led online session: ‘Storyboarding’ (1 hour)
    • What details are included in a storyboard?
    • Why create a prototype?
    • What are the different formats for creating a storyboard
    • How to balance information slides with interactive slides
    • 4 steps for writing scenarios
  • Submit assignment three- storyboard your eLearning project

Week four - Getting Started with eLearning Tools
During this week, we consider:

  • Tutor-led online session: ‘Getting Started with eLearning tools’ (1 hour)
    • Discussion on the main eLearning tools on the market
    • Mini experiment with an eLearning tool
  • Submit assignment four- screenshot of a couple of slides from your storyboard developed using an eLearning tool (using a free trial or prototype in PowerPoint)

Week five - Mini Showcase and Wrap-up
During this final week, you will:

  • Tutor-led online session: ‘Getting started with eLearning tools’ (1 hour)
  • Peer and tutor feedback

Exams & Certification

Delegates will create a detailed storyboard for an eLearning object to meet the TAP eLearning Design Profile.

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