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TAP Certificate in Designing a Business Driven L&D Strategy

It is time for L&D to become an essential part of business strategy – not an afterthought, but a value adding driver of business performance.

Simply put, the job of L&D is to develop the abilities that will help organisations deliver results. Yet too many L&D departments are not fully aligned to the priorities of the business and do not deliver the outcomes that businesses need.

The result? The opportunity to raise performance and realise potential is wasted. Senior executives view L&D as a marginal support function, rather than a strategic partner. They may question the value of L&D and see it as a prime target when they have to make economies.

This course is designed to help L&D leaders to develop strategies that better align their function to the business and deliver increased value.

What's included in the course?

  • Pre-course work
  • Evening work
  • Assessment

Who is it for?

Participants should be aspiring or actual L&D leaders who want to deliver valid business-driven outcomes. They must be totally committed to becoming a true strategic partner to the business.

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Learning Objectives

  • What strategy is and why it matters to the business and to L&D
  • Using data analytics effectively
  • Analyse the business and L&D environments to produce a SWOT analysis
  • Identify the needs of stakeholders
  • Identify the business’ strategic position and how this affects L&D
  • Clearly articulate the L&D brand
  • Write strategic L&D objectives that align to business strategy and address pivotal learning needs
  • Develop strategic L&D initiatives that support the objectives
  • Assess the resources required to implement the strategy
  • Produce a communication plan for your strategy
  • Measure L&D success strategically

Next steps

  • Leading the L&D Function
  • Digital Transformation
  • Managing Learning Transfer


Ideally, participants will have attended Leading the L&D Function and Managing Learning Transfer, but this is not mandatory.

Each participant must have access to their organisation’s strategy, or at least those parts that directly affect L&D. They will work with the strategy during the course but will not be required to share it with others in the group.

Course Content

Session 1: L&D and Strategy
In this session, we consider:

  • Why strategy matters
  • L&D roles and maturity
  • L&D business models and governance structures

Session 2: L&D Analytics
In this session, we consider:

  • What is data?
  • The importance of L&D analytics
  • Metrics and analysing data

Session 3: Analysing the Business and L&D Environment
In this session, we consider:

  • Understanding the internal and external environments
  • Preparing a SWOT analysis
  • Identifying key success factors

Session 4: Stakeholder Analysis
In this session, we consider:

  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Understanding their needs
  • Prioritising stakeholder needs

Session 5: Developing a L&D Brand
In this session, we consider:

  • Customer value proposition
  • L&D brand influencers
  • Describing your L&D brand

Session 6: Strategic L&D Objectives and Initiatives
In this session, we consider:

  • Develop strategic objectives using the Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategic L&D initiatives
  • Prioritising L&D initiatives

Session 7: Resourcing the Strategy
In this session, we consider:

  • Calculating costs
  • Assessing required competencies

Session 8: Marketing and Communicating the Strategy
In this session, we consider:

  • Winning support and building networks
  • Building your influence
  • Marketing and communication plan

Session 9: Measuring Success
In this session, we consider:

  • What will we measure?
  • Return on expectation or return on investment?
  • The Success Case Method

Exams & Certification

You will apply the nine elements of the TAP Strategic Planning profile to your L&D strategy.

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