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Ranorex Studio Introduction

Course Length
• 3 Days (3 x 3.5 hour sessions on-line, please note that session length may vary depending on number of delegates and other factors)

• Introductory course covering essential concepts for using Ranorex Studio, focussing on Recording Modules. The course covers automating test cases against Windows & Web applications.

Delivery Method
• Live online training course (Instructor-Led), delivered over 3 sessions of approximately 3.5 hours each. You will be provided a workbook for the course and homework exercises between sessions.

Target Audience
Recommended for any new users of Ranorex


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Learning Objectives

  • Learning the key components of Ranorex studio
  • Learn how to convert manual test cases to automated scripts
  • Gain a full understanding of key concepts such as modularising your tests, data-driving your tests and validating your application under test
  • Get to know best practices in using Ranorex



Course Content

Key Points
What is Test Automation? What is Ranorex? Technologies Supported. Overview of the Ranorex Studio Interface and Ranorex general settings. File structure of the Ranorex Solution. Introduction to the Applications Under Test (AUT)
Record & Replay
Initial & End Conditions. Preparing Ranorex & AUT ready for recording. Record Settings, The Ranorex Recorder. Replaying a Test & The Test Results. Replay Settings. Understanding Recorded Actions. Modifying a script to use different test data. Image-based recording.

Introduction to the Object Repository
Introduction to Objects & Properties/Attributes. How Ranorex identifies Objects. Introduction to the RanoreXPath & the Ranorex Spy. Benefits of the Object Repository
Object Repository Maintenance
How to manually create Object Repositories & Add Objects. Best practices for maintaining Object Repositories. Using Simple & Rooted Folders. How to alter attributes such as using the Index property, using Regular Expressions and using relative objects.
What is Synchronisation? The Delay statement. The Object Repository timeout settings. Creating your own Synchronisation Points - waiting for UI elements to change
Application Validation
Inserting Validation steps. The use of regular expressions in Validation Points. Image Validation
Maintenance mode
How to use Maintenance mode to fix scripts with replay issues.
Multiple Ranorex Modules
How to break a script down into multiple modules representing business processes. Re-using Ranorex modules in other tests. Referencing External Modules from other Projects
Data-Driven Testing
How to use module variables in your Ranorex Script. How to Bind Data-Sources. Data-Driving the Object Repository
Web Testing with Ranorex
Supported Technologies & Browsers. Ranorex Web Recording Settings. Creating your first Web Test. Cross-Browser Testing. Executing Test Suites on Selenium Server End-points.
Test Suite Execution
Creating multiple Test Cases in a single Project. Setup & Tear-Down Regions. Creating Module Groups. Smart Folders. Executing a Test Suite. Using the standalone Test Suite Runner. The Test Suite Executable. Using Ranorex Remote.
Mobile Testing
A short overview on how to set-up testing of mobile devices such as phones and tablets, both apps and web testing on Android and iOS.

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