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Ranorex Studio Advanced

Course Length
• 3 Sessions of approximately 3 hours each spread over 3 days

• Advanced course to introduce Ranorex users to coding and further enhancing their automated tests to maximise re-usability of code and to make their test scripts more robust and reliable

Delivery Method
• Live On-line training course (VILT). You will be provided a workbook for the course and homework exercises between sessions.
The provided workbook contains code examples in both C# and VB

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Learning Objectives

• Learning why we sometimes need to code & where we write our code
• Learn how to create and re-use common Methods in our automated testing projects
• Look at how to introduce error-handling into our test scripts to make replay more reliable
• Learn techniques for dealing with dynamic applications
• See how Ranorex can be integrated in Continuous Integration environments for a more complete automated approach


  • Delegates have attended the Ranorex Studio Introductory course or:
  • Delegates should be familiar with using Ranorex studio
  • Delegates have some programming experience

Course Content

Key Points
Review of what you should know so far, Why we need to code, User Code Modules versus Code Modules. Introduction to the Applications Under Test (AUT)

Where to program?
User Code in Recording modules versus Code modules, converting Actions to User Code, Creating new User Code Methods, The different sections in Recording Modules and Code Modules where you can write code, and when they get called

Capturing Application Values
Programmatically capturing values from your application, storing values, variable scope, writing values out to the results

Custom Validation Points & Sync Points
How to programmatically create a validation check and why we may need to do this. Writing pass & fail steps to the results, Screenshot reporting, different ways of handling script replay on failure

Code reuse
How to create Smart Actions and re-usable methods, passing parameters to methods, capturing return values in a recording module, creating libraries of Methods for re-use in other test cases/modules, User Code Collections, how to re-use projects as libraries. Ranorex Automation Helpers.

Dynamic Objects
Using RanoreXPath in code, using the index attribute, using regular expressions in the RanoreXPath, using IList collections and looping through multiple objects

Error Handling
Using the PopupWatcher Class, creating Ranorex exceptions, different ways of handling script replay when an exception occurs, programmatically checking if an object exists or has changed state, using the Find Methods. KillProcess Automation Helper Method.

Running tests from the command line, demonstrations of integration with Git and with Jenkins for Continuous Integration Development approaches (please note this course does not cover tuition in Jenkins or Git, just integration with Ranorex)

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