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Introduction to Docker Fundamentals

Are you interested in learning about Docker containers and the foundations and concepts of the Docker platform?  Then this course is for you! 

Are you and your team interested in learning Docker the right way with official Docker training? This course will introduce the foundation concepts and practices of containerization on a single Docker node, before teaching you the foundations of orchestration and scale out with Docker across multiple nodes in a swarm.

This course is a prerequisite for all other official Docker courses and provides the best foundation for diving deep into the complexities of Docker.

About the Author

Matt Saunders

Matt Saunders

Matt is a pragmatic technical operations architect and leader with Adaptavist - the leading Atlassian partner. A Docker user since 2013, Matt has significant experience in deploying Docker based environments and training small and large groups in its use.


If you are an administrator or developer and you want to learn how to administer and build enterprise-grade production systems using Docker, this Docker course is for you!


Learning Objectives

Learn how to:

  • Understand what Docker is and how Docker can modernise the software supply-chain
  • Conceptualise a mental model for Docker workflow
  • Understand the foundations of Docker security and apply secrets management
  • Understand the foundations of containerisation on a single Docker node
  • Ability to Dockerize and application by writing Docker files
  • Create and manage images
  • Apply a basic continuous integration model for Docker
  • Understand the usage of volumes
  • Apply concepts of the Docker networking models
  • Write stack-based compose files
  • Understand how Swarm works
  • Deploy a swarm application and scale it out
  • Apply common Swarm operations
  • Create, manage, and update Docker secrets



To benefit from this Docker course, you should be familiar with Linux command line, but don't need any prior experience using Docker.

Bring your own hardware

Delegates are required to bring their own laptop for this course. You will need a machine capable of running an SSH client.

Course Content

Day One: Containerization Basics

  • The Docker Story
  • Introduction to Images
  • Creating Images
  • Managing Images
  • Docker Continuous Integration
  • Volumes

Day Two: Orchestration Basics

  • Docker Networking Basics
  • Compose
  • Scaling out with Swarm Mode
  • Swarm Operations
  • Managing Secrets

Exams & Certification



This training is Docker authorised and all attendees of the course will receive an official certificate of completion from Docker.

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