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Certified Agile Tester (CAT)

The 5 day Certified Agile Tester course is available in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and cities across the UK.

It leads to the iSQI certification which has become the leading agile testing qualification worldwide for experienced test professionals.

The course consists of four days in the classroom, where the split is around 50% theory/classroom discussion and 50% practical workshops and team exercises that take delegates through the activities of a typical agile project. The  two part exam takes place on Day 5.

The course introduces experienced testers to the practices they will need to understand and use to be effective team members and testers on an agile project.

Designed as a very interactive course, delegates have the opportunity to discuss and share their experiences with others and to extend their knowledge of testing in agile projects. Practical exercises based on a complete agile life cycle are used to help delegates to put learning and their knowledge in to practice throughout the course. Delegate’s soft skills are assessed throughout the course based on their contributions to the classroom discussions and practical exercises.


Who is supporting the Certified Agile Tester scheme?

The following blue-chip companies are public supporters of the Certified Agile Tester scheme:

  • Barclays, Dorma, Hewlett Packard, IBM, IVV, Logic Studio,
  • Microfocus, Microsoft, Mobile.de, Nokia, NTS, Océ, OTTO,
  • SAP, Siemens, Sogeti, Swift, T-systems MMS, XING & Zurich

Course deliverables & Notes

  • Each delegate will receive a full set of hard copy course materials for future reference.
  • Delegates will be expected to do between half an hour and 1 hour’s homework per night.

The price includes course materials, refreshments and, importantly, the exam fee.


Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, successful delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the principles behind the Agile approach to software development
  • Differentiate between the testing role in Agile projects compared with the role of testers in non-agile projects
  • Contribute positively as an Agile team member focused on testing
  • Appreciate the challenges and difficulties associated with the non-testing activities performed in an Agile team
  • Demonstrate a range of soft skills required by effective Agile team members
  • Gain accreditation as a ‘Certified Agile Tester’


There are no mandatory pre-requisites for CAT, but we do recommend you have some experience of testing as the course assumes some knowledge and will not teach basic testing knowledge, such as fundamentals of testing, test case specification or testing terminology.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Testing practitioners moving into Agile projects to perform testing activities
  • Individuals already performing testing activities in an Agile project who wish to increase their effectiveness
  • Individuals who are interested in the testing activities with Agile, such as Managers, SCRUM Masters and Developers.

Those attending the course will be familiar with and have practical experience of the following:

  • Basic testing terminology and the activities associated with the fundamental test process
  • The differences between functional and non-functional testing, including the concepts of Performance and Usability
  • Practical application of the following test design techniques: EP, BVA, State Transition Testing, Decision Table Testing and Exploratory Testing

Course Content

The Certified Agile Tester course covers 4 days of training leading to a practical assessment and formal written exam on the 5th day. All Days include a daily Scrum and Soft Skills Assessment

Day 1: History and Terminology: Agile Manifesto, Principles and Methods
Problems with Traditional
Agile Manifesto & Principles
Agile Methods
Agile Process Option
Intro to Agile Exercise
Sample Questions

Day 2: Planning
Requirements & Specifications
Iteration 0
Release Planning
Task Board
Test Strategy
Iteration Planning
Burndown Charts
Sprint Practice Exercise
Sample Questions

Day3: Testing
Continuous Integration
Version Management
Acceptance Criteria
Regression Testing
Defect Management
Testing Exercises
Sample Questions

Day 4: Teams
Test Automation
Non Functional Testing
Debt Technical & Testing
Test Driven Development
Agile for Large Projects
Summary Testing Exercises
Sample Questions

Day 5: Assessment
Practical Assessment
Written Exam Revision
Written Exam

Exams & Certification

The examination is separated into three different parts:

A soft skills assessment on capacity for teamwork (10%)
A written exam to demonstrate theoretical knowledge (45%)
A practical exam where testing skills are put to the test (45%)

The pass mark is 65% over all three assessments and candidates must also obtain 50% in each of the three elements of the examination.



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