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Agile Test Automation

The fast-pace and iterative delivery of Agile projects requires advanced test automation to ensure that quality software product is delivered with high test coverage. This test automation class addresses practical techniques tester-developers must employ to ensure they write high-coverage test code and qualifies for ICAgile’s Certified Professional in Agile Test Automation.

Course Materials

  • While the course qualifies for an ICAgile certificate, the class is not written like an exam prep course. The material is designed for hands-on, Agile training in test automation.


    Activities Include:
  • Code BDD tests and create ATDD patterns with Cucumber
  • Automate UI Testing with Selenium
  • Achieve high component coverage with TFF using JUnit
  • Test non-functional requirements with JMeter

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Learning Objectives

You Will Learn How To

  • Achieve optimal quality in Agile projects through test automation
  • Code user story and feature tests with ATDD (Acceptance Test-Driven Development) and BDD (Behaviour-Driven Development) to validate product value
  • Tool your project to cover functional and non-functional testing
  • Leverage test design patterns to achieve high coverage
  • Design test code and data for long-term success


  • Requirements

    • Prior to attending this course, attendees should have attended:
      • Course, Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP, or
      • Course, Certified ScrumMaster®
    • Work experience in programming, software development, and testing
  • Recommended Experience

    • Work experience as an Agile Tester, Agile Programmer, DevOps Engineer, Test Manager, and other roles that ensure sustainable quality and efficient use of tools and time.
    • Taking Course, Agile Testing Strategies and Practices, is recommended, either before or after this course, to complete the ICAgile certification pathway for Agile Testing.

Course Content

Course Outline

  • Test Automation Manifesto


  • Mapping Test Automation needs to Agile
  • Justifying the focus on high automation achievements

Dimensions of automation

  • Addressing Test Pyramids from all angles for high quality
  • Mapping automation effort to the Agile Test Quadrants
  • Leveraging the 4D of TDD strategies

Leading practices

  • Establishing rules of engagement through a manifesto
  • Selecting high ROI tests through an automation index

Business Test Automation

Business test strategies

  • Mapping test effort to APIs or UI
  • Categorising business tests in the 4 classes
  • Using design patterns for long term success
  • Implementing test cases with leading execution patterns


  • Formalising test cases through ATDD cards
  • Specifying test with relevant examples
  • Dealing with business rules through BDD

UI automation

  • Selecting the right CUIT patterns
  • Layering UI Tests for better resilience

Technical Test Automation

Design analysis

  • Zooming on components through design reviews
  • Leveraging OO rules for effective unit test strategies
  • Measuring test coverage as a success indicator


  • Protecting from code changes through TDD patterns
  • Using advanced mock techniques for better coverage
  • Recognising leading design patterns for easier test maintenance
  • Avoiding anti-patterns to limit technical debt

Non-Functional Test Automation

NFR driven planning

  • Using NFR dimensions for better planning
  • Breaking down sub dimensions for sharp quality assessments

NF test tools

  • Perfecting tool selection for low cost test design
  • Developing multi-dimension NF Tests with pertinent tools

Continuous Testing and Delivery

Foundation of CI

  • Integrating testing with the pipeline process
  • Accelerating code promotion through rapid test feedback

Deployment pipelines

  • Configuring tests to map the anatomy of a deployment pipeline
  • Invoking code analysis automation at the commit stage
  • Automating testing of the deployment stage

Test environments

  • Leveraging virtualisation for easier test management
  • Creating codeline –aware environments

Exams & Certification

Certification & Exam Information

  • ICAgile: To obtain the ICAgile certification, students will need to pass the end of course exam. Our customer services will process your registration with ICAgile once the exam has been passed; please allow 10 business days.
  • This course can help you earn ICAgile certification.
  • This Course is approved for ICAgile credits
  • This course is approved by PMI® for 11 professional development units (PDUs).


Course Preparation

  • Students will be emailed a short document to review before class. Understanding the content of this pre-course reading is required before class.

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