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Selling Skills Fast Track


This is a one-day training course structured into 10 modules

Course Aims:

This highly intensive one-day course takes delegates through the major elements of making a success in sales.  It provides an understanding of how the sales process works, moving through the structure of how to sell effectively and finishing with a treatment of the importance of relationship building for long term success.

Target Audience:

Anyone who needs to improve their selling skills and can only afford or justify a single day of training.  Attendees can be anyone who has a selling element in their job -- so can be working in any role which involves dealing with customers, not necessarily a pure sales environment.

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Course Content

MODULE 1: Introduction and Course Overview

MODULE 2: The Sales Process

Learning outcomes: Learn how the sales cycle works and the dynamic seven step processes involved from establishing need to deliver and evaluate.  

Topics covered: 

•The Four Steps of a Sale

•How the Sales Cycle Works  

MODULE 3: The Fear Factor in Sales

Learning outcomes: Overcome the myth and discover the most common reasons that hold salespeople back from opportunity.  

Topics covered:

•Defining the Fear Factor

•The Myth of the Fear Factor

•Overcoming the Fear Factor  

MODULE 4: Attributes of a Good Sales Person

Learning outcomes: Realise the opportunity that skills development provides by reviewing the key attributes that define the successful sales professional.  

Topics covered:

•Core Attributes You Need to Succeed  

MODULE 5: Core Selling Skills

Learning outcomes: Know the essential skills that can develop exceptional communication practises into clearly defined methods using listening, questioning and organisational procedures.  

Topics covered: 

•Communications Skills in Sales

•Questioning Skills

•Listening Skills

•Getting Organised for Sales  

MODULE 6: People Buy From People

Learning outcomes: Know and understand the real secrets behind what encourages people to buy. From the twelve rules of likeability to understanding the skills of influence.  

Topics covered:

•The Rules of Likeability

•The Importance of Empathy

•Preparing to Influence Others  

MODULE 7: Questioning Skills for Sales

Learning outcomes: Learn how to control the process of conversation. Develop the tools for effective understanding and get the information you want first time.  

Topics covered:

•What Information Do We Need?

•Types of Questions

•Closed Questions

•Open Questions

•Leading (Assumptive) Questions

•Summary Questions

•Probing (Excavating) Questions

•Reflective (Mirroring) Questions

•Exercise: Questioning Practice

•Powerful Words for Questions

•Types of Question to Avoid

•The Funnel Technique

•The Inverted Funnel Technique  

MODULE 8: Listening Skills for Sales

Learning outcomes: Why do we listen badly? Rate your ability to listen and learn the processes for active listening and discover how to understand others.  

Topics covered: 

•Benefits of Good Listening

•Why We Listen Badly!

•Exercise: How Do You Rate Your Listening Ability?

•Active Listening

•Listeners Control Conversations!  

MODULE 9: Maximising Productivity in a Sales Role

Learning outcomes: Discover the difference between an Influencer and a decision maker and get to the heart of the sale by talking to the right person.  

Topics covered:

•Deflective Tactics -- Time Wasters

•Six Habits of Successful Sales People

•Talking to the Right People  

MODULE 10: Building Profitable Relationships

Learning outcomes: Learn how identifying the right people and dealing with them professionally will pay off with long term profitable relationships  

Topics covered: 

•Identifying Key Individuals


•Influencers and Decision Makers

•Talking to the Right Key Individuals

•Making that Good First Impression

•How to Win Friends and Influence People

•Dale Carnegies Six Principles of Relationship

•What's In It For Me? (WIIFM)

•Honesty and Integrity

Exams & Certification

With your Sales training course, you get a free workbook, so you can review and revise afterwards to reinforce your knowledge. 

Every delegate on a Sales course also gets a Training Attendance Certificate.

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