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Professional Selling Skills

A hands-on one-day course with free e-learning revision after your training and pre-course online skills testing. Free bespoke course design is also available for private classes if the content needs to be adjusted.


Learning Objectives

This intensive one-day sales training course builds professional selling techniques for those who have covered the fundamentals of the Introduction and Putting Selling Skills Into Action courses. It includes modules on Objection Handling, Questioning and Selling techniques. Delegates also learn how to build profitable relationships with clients, how to control conversations, develop negotiation tactics and write effective proposals.

Course Content

MODULE 1:  Introduction and Course Overview

MODULE 2: Building Profitable Relationships

Learning outcomes: Understand how identifying the right people and dealing with them professionally will pay off with long term profiable relationships.  

Topics covered:

•Identifying Key Individuals


•Influencers and Decision Makers

•Talking to the Right Key Individuals

•Making that Good First Impression

•How to Win Friends and Influence People

•Dale Carnegies Six Principles of Relationship

•Whats In It For Me? (WIIFM)

•Honesty and Integrity  

MODULE 3: Advanced Objection Handling

Learning outcomes: See how objections arise, and learn how to deal with them professionally and to your advantage.  

Topics covered:

•Analysing the Reasons for Objections

•Seeing What We Can Do

•Listen - Probe - Advise (L-P-A)

•Exercise: Objection Handling

•Uncovering Objections

•Seven Types of Objections

•Turning Objections into Selling Opportunities  

MODULE 4: Advanced Selling Techniques

Learning outcomes: Learn how to enhance the value of each sale by working smarter and using simple proven techniques  

Topics covered: 

•Cross Selling

•Up Selling

•Value Added (Suggestive) Selling

•Advancing Opportunity

•Exceeding Customer Expectations

•Giving Recognition  

MODULE 5: Controlling the Conversation

Learning outcomes: Staying in control of the conversation is the only way to succeed, so learn how to do this and get things to go in the direction you want.  

Topics covered:

•Starting a Quality Prospecting Conversation

•Listeners Control Conversations

•Trial Closing  

MODULE 6: Advanced Questioning Skills

Learning outcomes: Learn new approaches to asking questions that will get the conversation to go your way.  

Topics covered:

•Creating an Opportunity: Situation vs Problem Questions

•Difficulty Questions

•Negative and Positive Answer Questions

•Directive Questions

•Rhetorical Questions  

MODULE 7:  Negotiation Tactics

Learning outcomes: See how positional bargaining is a poor approach to take, and see how opening things up will create better outcomes.  

Topics covered:

•Problems with Positional Bargaining

•Opening Up the Negotiation

•11 Points for Better Negotiation

•You Have Alternatives

•Reverse Psychology in Negotiation  

MODULE 8:  Writing Effective Proposals

Learning outcomes: Learn how to create professional sales proposals which cover the essential factors that will maximise your chances of success.  

Topics covered: 

•How to Construct a Proposal

•Important Factors to Consider

•Putting It All Together  

MODULE 9:  Your Personal Action Plan

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