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Being Successful in Telephone Sales

A hands-on one-day course with free  e-learning revision after your training and  pre-course online skills testing. Free bespoke course design is also available for private classes if the content needs to be adjusted.  This is a one-day training course structured into 15 modules.

Note: Free e-learning revision is available with this course: 12 months of access for each delegate on scheduled public (open) classes and standard on-site/private classes (not available for bespoke courses).

This intensive one-day training course teaches delegates how to use the telephone for professional selling. Delegates will learn how to prepare scripts, manage outgoing and incoming calls, and implement components of an effective voice. Delegates will also learn about how to craft voice mail messages, deal with gatekeepers and close sales.

Target Audience:

Anyone involved with telephone-based relationships who wants to organise and enhance their skills in the shortest possible time. Although the course has been designed for salespeople, the skills learned can equally be applied to areas such as customer service or support, where sales opportunities arise during the normal run of work.


Learning Objectives

Do you know:

  • How selling to people on the telephone differs from face to face selling?
  • How, because of the impersonal nature of the medium, it is easier to lose sales?

Above all, do you know how to avoid this happening?

Too many companies treat telephone sales people as mechanical "order takers" and unknowingly consign an enormous volume of potential sales to the dustbin.
Whether telemarketing, booking appointments or straight product sales, each activity can be transformed by gaining control of the limitations and the opportunities offered by the telephone.
You will learn the crucial points to watch so that you maximise the conversion of new enquiries to real business.
The result ? Your ability to increase sales and profitability will be enhanced by staff who have a new awareness of how to be more effective.in selling

Course Content

MODULE 1:  Introduction and Course Overview
MODULE 2:  The Sales Process
Learning outcomes:
Understand how the sales cycle works and the dynamic seven step process involved from establishing need to deliver and evaluate.
Topics covered:
  • The Four Steps of a Sale
  • How the Sales Cycle Works
MODULE 3:  The Fear Factor in Sales
Learning outcomes:
Know how to overcome the myth and discover the most common reasons that hold salespeople back from opportunity.
Topics covered:
  • Defining the Fear Factor
  • The Myth of the Fear Factor
  • Overcoming the Fear Factor
MODULE 4:  Maximising Productivity in a Sales Role
Learning outcomes:
Recognise the deflective tactics and time wasters that can divert our progress and weaken impact. Discover the habits of successful sales people.
Topics covered:
  • Deflective Tactics -- Time Wasters
  • Six Habits Of Successful Sales People
  • Talking To The Right People
MODULE 5:  The Importance of Voice
Learning outcomes:
Be able to use the most powerful ally you have when on the phone, learn the factors that can influence success and raise the 'wins' into sales.
Topics covered:
  • Understanding the Four Factors of Voice
  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Pronunciation
  • Pace
  • How to Improve Your Selling Voice
MODULE 6:  The Telephone as a Business Tool
Learning outcomes:
Understand the nature of the telephone and recognise the strengths and the areas of limitation, and raise your capability and work ethics.
Topics covered:
  • Advantages of the Telephone
  • Disadvantages of the Telephone
  • Making the Most of the Telephone
MODULE 7:  Outbound Calls: Developing Your Script
Learning outcomes:
Be better prepared and develop that professional approach so that making calls is more than just a numbers game.
Topics covered:
  • Warming Up the Outbound Call
  • The Seven Step Script
  • Sample Script
  • Making the Script Yours
  • Exercise: Create Your Own Script
  • Using Cheat Sheets
MODULE 8:  Setting SMART Goals for Yourself
Learning outcomes:
Set and establish SMART goals that can work for you and result in better focus of your hard work and persistence.
Topics covered:
  • The Importance of Setting Goals
  • Knowing What You Want to Accomplish
  • The Three Ps of Goals
  • SMART Goals
MODULE 9:  Pre-Call Planning
Learning outcomes:
Build effective planning into your process so you get higher conversion rates and greater consistency.
Topics covered:
  • The Importance of Pre-Call Planning
  • Tips for Planning Your Call
MODULE 10:  Generating Appointments
Learning outcomes:
Pave the way for yourself or for a colleague by establishing the interest of customers and making the face-to face meetings easier opportunities for success.
Topics covered:
  • Preparing for the Appointment Call
  • Example Scripts for Generating Appointments
  • Exercise: Create Your Own Script
MODULE 11:  Dealing with Gatekeepers
Learning outcomes:
Approach "Gatekeepers" with techniques that can help your success rate, and see them as an opportunity.
Topics covered:
  • Why Gatekeepers Stop You
  • Proven Techniques for Getting Gatekeepers Onside
MODULE 12:  Incoming Calls
Learning outcomes:
Understand the four types of calls and develop better preparations and guidelines that can exceed customer expectations and get the first impression right.
Topics covered:
  • Preparing For Incoming Calls: The Four Types of Call
  • Guidelines for Opening the Call
  • The Six Ps
  • Meeting Customer Expectations: Four Areas of Expectation
  • First Impressions Exercise
MODULE 13:  Voice Mail Messages
Learning outcomes:
Craft a voice mail message that creates interest and raises the likelihood of return calls. Use voice messages as a great opportunity for success.
Topics covered:
  • Why We Should Leave Voice Mail Messages
  • Voice Mail Etiquette
  • How to Craft a Voice Mail Message
MODULE 14:  Action - ABC: Always Be Closing
Learning outcomes:
"Always be closing" (ABC) is the key to any productive conversation with a customer. Discover the 6 types of closing techniques, the frames and the pitfalls of that crucial last step.
Topics covered:
  • Asking for the Business
  • Effective Closing Techniques
  • Types of Close
  • Framing the Close
  • Pitfalls When Closing the Sale
  • Trial Closing
  • Aiming For Repeat Business
  • Maximising Profit
MODULE 15:  Your Personal Action Plan

Exams & Certification

With your Sales training course, you get a free workbook, so you can review and revise afterwards to reinforce your knowledge.   With all Sales courses, you are also given 12 months access to free e-learning revision which will further help you to reinforce the lessons you have learned.

Every delegate on a Sales course also gets a Training Attendance Certificate.

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