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Achieving Customer Service Excellence

This is a one-day training course structured into 15 modules. This one-day training course enables delegates to understand the vital importance of customer service to any organisation and assists them to provide exceptional customer service, either themselves or through the actions of their staff.

Target Audience:

Anyone who either directly comes into contact with customers, both face-to-face and on the phone, or who manages people who do.

Maximum class size for Customer Service courses is 10 delegates, which ensures that attendees get adequate time for personal attention from the instructor. At some of our centres, the maximum class size is 12 delegates.

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Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • What is Customer Service?
  • Who Are Your Customers?
  • Understanding Customer Needs and Expectations
  • Standards
  • Communication
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Managing Conflict in Customer Situations
  • Dealing With Challenges
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Seven Steps to Customer Problem Solving
  • The Recovery Process
  • Eliminating Customer Service Problems
  • Doing Your Part
  • Your Personal Action Plan


No previous customer service experience is required

Course Content

MODULE 1:  Introduction and Course Overview
MODULE 2:  What is Customer Service?
Learning outcomes:
Define your understanding of customer service and what customer service beliefs and expectations are.
Topics covered:
  • What is Customer Service?
  • Why is it Important?
  • Whats in it for Me?
  • Customer Service Beliefs
MODULE 3:  Who Are Your Customers?
Learning outcomes:
Identify who your customers are, and whether each is internal or external.
Topics covered:
  • Internal Customers
  • External Customers
  • Customer Needs
MODULE 4:  Understanding Customer Needs and Expectations
Learning outcomes:
Understand what is important to your customer, their expectations and what else can you offer them.
Topics covered:
  • Types of Expectations
  • Meeting Expectations
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • First Impressions Exercise
MODULE 5:  Standards
Learning outcomes:
Know the standards set by your organisation for dealing with customers in a variety of settings. Decide how you exceed customers' expectations.
Topics covered:
  • Telephone Handling
  • Appearance of Facilities
  • Appearance of Self
  • Face to Face Contact
MODULE 6:  Communication
Learning outcomes:
Understand what communication is , what barriers there are and how to overcome them.  Know how to use active listening techniques effectively..
Topics covered:
  • What is Communication?
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Removing Communication Barriers
  • Active Listening
  • Listening Quiz
MODULE 7:  Telephone Techniques
Learning outcomes:
Learn about good telephone technique, transferring telephone calls, putting callers on hold, using appropriate language and taking accurate messages.
Topics covered:
  • Tips for a Good Telephone Technique
  • Dos and Donts of the Telephone
  • Exercise - Taking a Message
  • Telephone Message Prompt Form
MODULE 8:  Managing Conflict in Customer Situations
Learning outcomes:
Acquire methods of dealing with challenging customers, identifying what causes conflict, preventing it and knowing how to respond appropriately.
Topics covered:
  • Causes of Conflict
  • Levels of Conflict
  • Responding to Conflict
  • Preventing Conflict
  • Resolving Conflict
MODULE 9:  Dealing With Challenges
Learning outcomes:
Understand how to respond professionally and appropriately to a range difficult situations.
Topics covered:
  • Handling Difficult Situations
  • Assertiveness & Compromise
MODULE 10:  Dealing with Difficult People
Learning outcomes:
Recognise when to use different methods to deal appropriately with difficult personalities.
Topics covered:
  • A Process Guide to Dealing with Difficult People
MODULE 11:  Seven Steps to Customer Problem Solving
Learning outcomes:
Learn how to resolve customer problems using a seven step process.
Topics covered:
  • Problem Situations
MODULE 12:  The Recovery Process
Learning outcomes:
Understand how to solve customer service problems once they've been identified and recognise the need for flexibility.
Topics covered:
  • Six Steps to Recovery
MODULE 13:  Eliminating Customer Service Problems
Learning outcomes:
Learn about how to use a series of 'inspection and analysis tools' to address customer service issues.
Topics covered:
  • Inspection and Analysis Tools
  • Critical Evaluation
  • Informal Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Nominal Group Technique (NGT)
  • Cause and Effect or Root Cause (Fish Bone)
  • Brainstorming
  • Benchmarking
MODULE 14:  Doing Your Part
Learning outcomes:
Recognise how to develop and maintain relationships, understand communications styles and the impact of your own behaviour.
Topics covered:
  • Developing and Maintaining Relationships
  • The Likeability Factor
  • How to Feel Powerful in Your Position
  • Positive Language Exercise
MODULE 15:  Your Personal Action Plan

Exams & Certification

With your Customer Service training course, you get a free workbook, so you can review and revise afterwards to reinforce your knowledge. 

Every delegate on a Customer Service course also gets a Training Attendance Certificate.

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