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The Focus Quality Commitment to You

Quality is at the heart of our business purpose. That applies both to our clients' training and their complete course booking experience.

Our certification courses are all accredited by respected independent organisations
For non certification courses we apply alternative quality assurance controls.

Our long-term delivery partners are proven specialists
These companies are themselves independently accredited and Focus also continuously reviews their success rates and customer satisfaction levels.

Our trainers are experienced and enthusiastic
They will expect delegates to work intensively but in return they can be relied upon to deliver the course content effectively and to prepare delegates fully for exams where applicable.

Our trainers normally offer ongoing support to delegates
Typically this is in the form of e-mail or phone support during the months following each course as they apply new skills in their work environment.

We seek feedback from every delegate
We recognise that there is always scope for learning and improvement.

When investing in personal or team skills development the ultimate test lies in performance improvement. We at Focus will do all we can to ensure you achieve that result

  • The Right Training
  • First Class Training Delivery
  • On-going Support and Guidance

We have introduced Premium Courses which offer features over and above what you can expect for a given course type.

Our Customers Include