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Project Management for Those with Experience

You will refresh your knowledge of project management best practice in a number of areas. You will also focus on more detailed topics such as programme management, finance, resource management, procurement, and benefits planning and realisation.
This course is very specifically for people who already have some practical experience of project management under their belts and want to check that what they are currently doing aligns with accepted best practice. Such delegates will also use this course as an opportunity to uplift their knowledge in a number of specialist areas and to examine some of the more complex tools and techniques used in successful project management.
This workshop includes policy documents for the management of: quality, communications, information, risk, procurement, change and document version control (configuration). This will be of particular benefit to organisations that need such policies to be in place but simply do not have the time to create them from scratch.

Suitable for project managers or related roles that:

  • Already have a working knowledge or basic understanding of project management theories
  • Want to check their current best practice approaches
  • Are seeking to upgrade their skillset
  • Are managing a project support office 
  • Want to move into programme management
  • Are considering taking the APMP qualification  

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use more advanced skills to increase the effectiveness of your role.  
  • Understand how to create productive relationships with sponsors and other key stakeholders. 
  • Assess the effectiveness of your project lifecycle and whether it is contributing to improved monitoring  and control of project performance. 
  • Appreciate the relevance of programme and portfolio management.
  • Appraise and report on projects in both financial and other terms.
  • Use both basic and advanced scheduling tools to plan your projects.
  • Understand effective procurement and contracting practices. 
  • Substantially improve benefits planning and realisation.


You will need a working knowledge or basic understanding of project management theories to benefit from this course

Course Content

Project Management in Context

  • The complexities of an effective lifecycle and its ability to control costs and outputs
  • Identify the concepts and differences between project, programme and portfolio management
  • Appreciate who is involved with each of the above concepts and what responsibilities they have
  • The pros and cons of Project Management Offices (PMOs)

Stakeholder Management

  • Stakeholder analysis and stakeholder management
  • Stakeholder communication - how best to get senior stakeholders on board and keep them there

Business, Commercial and Financial Management in Projects   

  • The content and rationale for creating project briefs, outline and detailed business cases
  • Viability - recognising the financial and non-financial measures used to appraise projects
  • Costs, budgets and cost control

Effective Planning Practices

  • Capturing, analysing and testing the requirements of the project
  • Planning for benefits and their realisation
  • The need to plan for integration/implementation
  • How to make milestone planning work for you
  • Advanced scheduling techniques and their more basic counterparts
  • Schedule optimisation techniques as part of resource management
  • Resource management tools and techniques

Procurement and Contracting

  • How to set about assessing and approving suppliers
  • Exploring different types of contracts used in project management
  • Selecting the right contract and payment terms

Monitoring and Delivering the Project – Quality, Change, Risk and Issues

  • Project reviews and reporting – best practices
  • Effective quality management policies and procedures
  • Establishing and delivering change control
  • Planning and managing project threats and opportunities 

Monitoring Cumulative Costs

  • Earned Value Analysis (EVA) – are we really doing as well as we think we are?
  • ‘S’ Curves – monitoring cumulative costs vs budget

Benefits Realisation – Post-Project

  • Implementing the benefits management plan
  • Proving the investment was worth it

Exams & Certification

There are no exams associated with this course

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