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Web Application Development with Blazor: No More JavaScript

This Blazor course shows web developers how to use Blazor and C# to create interactive single-page and multi-page applications with code that, while taking advantage of the complete .NET framework, can run in the browser to fully integrate both client-side and server-side logic. Blazor simplifies the .NET developer’s toolbox by replacing JavaScript when creating interactive web pages (including calling HTML5 APIs like geolocation and local storage). Blazor provides developers with a higher level of integration between client and server-side development, allowing the developer to decide what is the optimal place in the application’s architecture to put any functionality. This Blazor course also shows how to integrate both JavaScript and Blazor to take advantage of the two development paradigms and to extend existing JavaScript pages with Blazor.

Key Features of this Web Application Development with Blazor Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • End-of-course exam included
  • After-course computing sandbox included


This course applied to building application with ASP.NET Core.

What is Blazor?

It is a UI framework that was built to simplify the task of building fast single-page apps that will run on any browser. Blazor is now an alternative to using JavaScript for the same purposes.

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Learning Objectives

  • Create interactive client-side pages without using JavaScript.
  • Integrate Blazor with ASP.NET MVC Views and Razor Pages.
  • Leverage databinding, form validation and other best practises to improve productivity.
  • Incorporate server-side resources using Web Services, SignalR, and direct calls.
  • Write reusable components to lower maintenance costs.
  • Call browser APIs like geolocation and local storage.
  • Integrate with existing JavaScript.


  • Experience using ASP.NET MVC
  • Web development experience

Course Content

Introduction and Overview

  • Understanding the Blazor Model
  • Client-side Blazor (CSB) vs. Server-Side Blazor (SSB)
  • Costs and Benefits of CSB vs. SSB

Creating Web Pages with Blazor

Implementing Blazor

  • Creating a Blazor Visual Studio Project
  • Working with Blazor in VS Code
  • Integrating with ASP.NET MVC Views and Razor Pages

Creating Components

  • Your first component: Coding “Hello, World” in Blazor
  • Leveraging .NET Standard libraries and NuGet packages

Incorporating Server-Side Resources

Exploiting Web Services in Client-Side Blazor

  • Calling a web service
  • Retrieving data
  • Dealing with errors

Accessing .NET Resources with Server-Side Blazor

  • Leveraging server-side resources in SSB
  • Accessing server-side resources in CSB with SignalR

Integrating JavaScript and Browser APIs

  • Calling Blazor code from JavaScript
  • Calling JavaScript from Blazor
  • Integrating with local storage and other HTML5 APIs

Supporting Forms and Multi-Page Applications

Forms and Navigation

  • Building forms and validating data
  • Redrawing the form
  • Navigating between pages

Implementing Reusability

  • Leveraging layouts
  • Reusing components
  • Parameterizing components

Best Practises

  • Architecting Blazor pages for maintainability
  • Automating testing
  • The future of Blazor

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