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HTML5 and CSS3 for Web Professionals

Learn the latest versions of HTML & CSS - and the enhanced functionality you can achieve.

This course is aimed at existing web developers with knowledge of earlier versions of HTML and CSS.

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Learning Objectives

The course gives an introduction to some of the important new features and tags available within HTML5, as well as some of the latest CSS and JavaScript techniques.

It includes the use of new structural HTML element tags such as HEADER, FOOTER, ASIDE, ARTICLE and NAV, as well as the use of the VIDEO and AUDIO tags.


Delegates should be reasonably comfortable with HTML4, XHTML, DOM, CSS and JavaScript

Course Content

Brief overview of HTML4, XHTML, XML and HTML5
New features in HTML5

Essential building blocks
Understanding HTML DOM
JavaScript Objects, Properties, methods and functions
Using JavaScript to manipulate HTML DOM
The essentials of CSS

HTML5 Fundamentals
The new Semantic Elements
HTML5 and Forms
HTML5 and CSS3
HTML5 Canvas
Current browser support
Dealing with current browser limitations

HTML 5 and SEO
Taking advantage of the new SEO features of HTML5
How to effectively hide and show elements on page
Prudent use of JavaScript libraries

HTML5 and Mobile sites
CSS and HTML5 for Mobile
Building a fluid site
Current trends in web site design

HTML5 and Data storage
Browser Local Storage
Using Session Storage

Building offline applications
HTML5 Apps vs Native Apps
Utilising the potential of offline applications

HTML5 geolocation

Dynamic content
HTML5 and Audio
HTML5 and Video

One Month
Two Months
Three Months
More than Three Months
PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner
MSP Foundation & Practitioner
APMP Certificate
ITIL Foundation
Scrum in One Day
Certified ScrumMaster
ISTQB Software Test Foundation
Microsoft Project
BCS Business Analysis Practice
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