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Fast Track to React

Are you interested in making intuitive interactive UIs efficiently and painlessly? If you're ready to learn how to use the powerful React.js library to create reusable, modular UI components - this course is for you!

React enables the development of user interfaces as the composition of reusable components. React has revolutionised the world of front-end development and with it came many new tools and practices. New ideas about how to manage state and flow control in user interfaces has made development of interfaces a faster and simpler process. Becoming up to speed doesn’t need to take a long time. With this course your team will be able to build faster, testable and more maintanable user interfaces.

About the Expert

André Jonas

André is a Software Engineer at YLD. He is skilled in numerous languages and does awesome things with Node.js and Android.

About the Author

Daniela Matos de Carvalho

Daniela is the Senior Software engineer at YLD, who loves to play with JavaScript. She is always trying to learn something new and to gain new skills, as well as helping developers to get started with new technologies.


Are you a developer, architect and or engineer involved in front-end projects who is interested in improving development speed, maintainability and reusability of your applications? This course is for you!


Learning Objectives

Learn how to:

  • Develop reusable user interface components
  • Simplify the development model of user interfaces
  • Test user interface components
  • Build web applications that render both server side and client side

Activities include

  • Building reusable user interface components
  • Writing tests for React components
  • Designing and building a front-end application
  • Troubleshooting issues related to React



Delegates are encouraged to have a basic knowledge of Javascript and how browsers work, and a good knowledge of HTML and the Document Object Model in order to gain the most from this course.

Bring your own hardware

To participate in this React course you are required to bring your own laptop, so you can develop with your own tools and languages, rather than something you are not familiar with.

Course Content

  • Introduction to React
  • JSX
  • Components
  • Props vs State
  • Event Handling
  • Lifecycle methods
  • HTML attributes and Styles
  • Validations
  • Testing
  • Routing
  • Universal components
  • Introduction to Flux
  • Redux (if there is time)
One Month
Two Months
Three Months
More than Three Months
PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner
MSP Foundation & Practitioner
APMP Certificate
ITIL Foundation
Scrum in One Day
Certified ScrumMaster
ISTQB Software Test Foundation
Microsoft Project
BCS Business Analysis Practice
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