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Fast Track to Node.js Fundamentals

Are you interested in learning best practices and the fundamentals of Node.js? If you are looking for a hands-on course that explains the best ways to solve real-world software development problems, then this course is for you!

This Node.js fundamentals course focuses on the development of scalable server-side applications. Because Node.js is a powerful but also flexible technology, familiarity with the core principles and industry-standard development  techniques and patterns is required. Designed to get your team through the core principles of Node.js development and advanced server-side JavaScript, this course provides the skills needed to solve real-world software development problems and deliver fast, real-time server-side applications.

Join us on this dive into Node.js and learn all about the fundamentals of this exciting, flexible and powerful tool.

About the Experts

Sam Galson

Sam Galson

Sam learned how to code at Founders and Coders after completing a PhD in History of Science. He worked on various projects for charities at Founders and Coders before joining YLD, where is is currently working with eLife Sciences and the Coko Foundation to build a set of open-source tools for scholarly publishing.

Ray Brooks

Ray Brooks

Ray is a Principal Consultant at YLD. He has been writing software continuously since 1986, when he learned BASIC and assembly language on his first Commodore 64. His professional career has spanned fifteen years to date, during which he’s worked for some of the largest players in the industry, including BT and Microsoft.  and has delivered large projects for such household names as Trainline, Tesco, Compare the Market and Condé Nast.


Are you a developer, architect or software engineer who is new to Node.js or interested in learning the fundamentals to build a strong foundation for development? Then this course is for you!

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Learning Objectives

Learn how to:

  • Employ best practices to build modular Node.js services
  • Effectively apply test-driven development to enhance program maintainability
  • Solve common IO problems with proven design patterns



Attendees need to know the basics of JavaScript and have a basic familiarity with HTTP and the client-server model.

Bring your own hardware

To participate in this Node.js course, you are required to bring your own laptop so you can develop with your own tools and languages.

Course Content

  • Basic usage, installation and REPL
  • Modules and NPM
  • Callbacks
  • Timers
  • Event Emitters
  • Asynchronous Flow Control
  • HTTP with Node
  • Logging
  • Testing
  • Testing Node.js modules
  • Integration Testing for HTTP services
  • Debugging techniques

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