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Apache Kafka: Hands-On

This course provides hands-on experience with Apache Kafka both from the command line and through programmatic access using Java. Attendees will get a full appreciation of publish/subscribe idiom for asynchronous communication. The course producers and consumers and reliable data delivery. Attendees will get a full appreciation of how to build data pipelines and how they can process streaming data.

Kafka is an event streaming platform. Businesses and organisations often must capture data in real-time from event sources like databases, sensors, mobile devices, cloud services, social media, and software applications in the form of streams of events. They need to store these event streams durably for later retrieval. They also need to manipulate, process, and react to the event streams in real-time as well as retrospectively. The event streams need be made available to different destination technologies as needed. Kafka's event streaming implementation ensures a continuous flow and interpretation of data so that the right information is at the right place, at the right time.

Key Features of this Apache Kafka: Hands-On Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching included
  • End-of-course exam included

Who Should Attend this Course

Anyone developing Java or Python applications who has core Java SE or Python skills and wishes to capitalise on the addition of Kafka to program in the publish/subscribe idiom and manage fast, streaming data.

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Learning Objectives

  • Install a Kafka broker for development
  • Write Kafka producers and consumers
  • Leverage Kafka features for reliable data delivery
  • Build Kafka data pipelines
  • Receive and process streaming data using Kafka


Java to the level of 'Introduction to Java Programming Training'.

Course Content

Hands-On Experience includes: Approximately 40% of time on the course is devoted to hands-on exercises, allowing you to gain extensive experience with Kafka

  • Installing a developer Kafka broker
  • Creating a Kafka producer
  • Creating a Kafka consumer
  • Configuring reliable data delivery
  • Process streaming data

Day 1:

Chapter 1: Apache Kafka (42 slides)

  • Publish/Subscribe Messaging
  • Apache Kafka
  • Installing Kafka
  • Hands-On Exercise 1.1: Installing Kafka

Chapter 2: Producers and Consumers (51 slides)

  • Constructing a Kafka producer
  • Synchronous and asynchronous messages
  • Configuring producers
  • Serializers and partitions
  • Hands-On Exercise 2.1 Creating a Kafka producer
  • Consumers and consumer groups
  • Creating a Kafka consumer
  • Subscribing to Kafka topics
  • Consuming messages
  • Deserializers
  • Hands-On Exercise 2.2: Creating a Kafka producer

Day 2

Chapter 3: Reliable Data Delivery (15 slides)

  • Reliability Guarantees
  • Broker configuration
  • Producers in a reliable system
  • Consumers in a reliable system
  • HO 3.1 Reliable data delivery

Chapter 4: Building Data Pipelines (21 slides)

  • Considerations when building data pipelines
  • Kafka Connect
  • Hands-On Exercise 4.1: Building a data pipeline

Chapter 5: Stream Processing (51 slides)

  • Stream processing concepts
  • Examples of Kafka Streams
  • Kafka Streams architecture
  • Hands-On Exercise 5.1: Stream processing Twitter data

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