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M_o_R Foundation & Practitioner Blended Learning


This accredited M_o_R Foundation and Practitioner blended learning course contains all of the training and materials you need to attain both the Foundation and Practitioner qualifications in M_o_R. It combines interactive multimedia training, workshops, video, practical exercises, mock exam simulators, paper-based exercises and access to an M_o_R training expert throughout the entire programme including the two-day workshop.

The M_o_R Foundation exam must be taken and passed online via remote web proctor prior to attending the two-day Practitioner workshop.

The blended learning format is as follows:
• M_o_R online learning access provided upon purchase
• M_o_R Foundation exam: Must be taken online via remote web proctor and pass confirmation received prior to attending your workshop
• Two-day M_o_R practitioner workshop including M_o_R Practitioner exam. You will sit this exam at the end of the practitioner workshop. (Please contact us for course dates/venues)


12 months access to our accredited M_o_R online learning and a two-day practical workshop, which you can complete once you have completed the e-learning and have passed the Foundation exam.

Target audience

The course will be of benefit to all levels of management including:
• Corporate managers – responsible for corporate governance and the organisation’s overall exposure to risk
• Programme managers – responsible for risk relating to specific programmes
• Project managers – responsible for managing risk in projects
• Operational managers – responsible for risks that affect the on-going continuity of business services
• All other personnel who have an interest or responsibility for the management of risk within their organisation
• Project management consultants

What's Included


• 12 months access to our accredited M_o_R Foundation online learning

• Two-day M_o_R Practitioner workshop including M_o_R Practitioner exam : You will sit the exam at the end of your two day workshop (must be taken within 12 months of purchase)

• The official M_o_R manual

• Full tutor support plus many additional materials to help put M_o_R into practice

Duration of access

12 months access to our accredited M_o_R Foundation online learning.

MOR Foundation online demo

More Information

What's covered?

M_o_R foundation

• The purpose of the M_o_R Guide
• What is risk management and why is it important?
• Corporate governance and internal control
• Where and when should risk
• Management be applied
• Risk specialisms
• Global best practice guidance

M_o_R Walkthrough
• An overview and introduction to the structure of M_o_R
• An introduction to the principles, approach, processes, embedding and reviewing and perspectives contained in the management of risk guidance

M_o_R Principles
• A detailed review of the 8 principles which underpin the M_o_R guidance

M_o_R Approach
• A look at the set of documentation which support the M_o_R approach, including the risk management policy, process guide, strategies and so on

M_o_R Processes
• The four main M_o_R processes of identify, assess, plan and implement, along with the process inputs, outputs, goals, tasks and techniques involved

Embedding & Reviewing M_o_R
• This session looks at changing organisational culture, measuring the value and how to overcome the common barriers associated with the implementation of risk management, along with establishing opportunities for change

M_o_R Perspectives
• The M_o_R guidance describes the context of risk management from four different organisational perspectives. These are strategic, programme, project and operational and this session looks at each in some detail

M_o_R Health Check & Maturity Model
• M_o_R’s health check tool, its purpose, process and framework
• An introduction to the Management of Risk maturity model, its use,composition and the benefits

M_o_R Specialisms
• A look at some of the risk specialisms, including the management of business continuity, Incident and crisis, health and safety, security and financial risk

M_o_R Foundation Exam Technique
• How to approach the M_o_R examination

M_o_R Examination Simulator
• Featuring sample questions in the style of the M_o_R examination and timed to assist your preparation

M_o_R practitioner (please contact us for course dates/venues)


Explored through topic revision and application to sample examination scenario of:
• M_o_R principles
• M_o_R approach
• M_o_R process and associated techniques
• Embed and review
• Risk perspectives
• Health check and maturity models
• Risk management specialisms

Tabbing and marking up the M_o_R manual

Practical practitioner exercises

Practitioner exam technique

Practitioner exam practice

Please note: To assist your learning there is some pre-course reading and activities that must be completed prior to attending your course. In addition, whilst attending your course, there will also be some examination preparation evening work.

Accredited M_o_R® training is provided by ILX Group plc - London, accredited by PeopleCert. 

Exam format

M_o_R Foundation
• Multiple-choice exam
• 1 hour duration
• 75 questions (including five trial questions)
• 50% pass mark (35/70)
• Closed-book.

M_o_R Practitioner

You must have passed the M_o_R Foundation exam prior to undertaking the M_o_R Practitioner examination
• Open book paper (Only the M_o_R guidance book and part A of the ABC guidance is allowed)
• Four questions
• Three hours duration
• 80 marks available
• 50% pass mark (40/80)

How you take your exam

Foundation exams will be undertaken and passed online via remote web proctor prior to attending the two-day Practitioner workshop. You will then sit the Practitioner exam at the end of the two-day workshop.

Exam Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll pass your Foundation online exam first time that we offer an Exam Guarantee for the Foundation e-learning course. If you don't pass, then we will allow you take the exam a second time, at no extra cost, as long as it is within three months of taking your original exam. Please note that the Exam Guarantee is applicable to the Online Foundation course only and does not include the Practitioner classroom course.

Are there any conditions related to the Exam Guarantee?

Provided that you have completed the e-learning in full and that you have passed the exam simulator with a pass mark of 80%, you will be entitled to a free resit. You will have been advised whether you have passed or failed the exam simulator at the time of taking, as it is included within your e-learning. If you're not sure, don't worry, contact us and we will be happy to check for you.

If I need to use my Exam Guarantee or I have any further questions, who should I contact?

Please email us and we will be happy to assist you.

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