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Work / Life Balance

The world of work has changed. In our 24/7 x 365 society, customers expect service at times that suit them and we more frequently have to juggle responsibilities at home and at work. When employees are asked about work, the two concerns that emerge most frequently (from CIPD surveys) are long hours and work intensity. These findings help to explain the increased interest being shown in the issue of work/life balance as many people find that work demands get in the way of their non-work commitments.

This programme is for you if

you are striving to gain a sensible balance between your working and personal life. It will help you respond more effectively to the escalating expectations and demands placed upon you, giving you a strategy for achieving work/life balance.

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Learning Objectives

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Decide what are the most important areas in your life and how much time to devote to these areas
  • Have greater control over your time and energy
  • Gain the ability to align personal circumstances and aspirations with organisational policies
  • Undertake a range of self analysis exercises to understand how best to balance work/life to achieve optimum results
  • Understand how to manage stress
  • Complete an individual work/life balance analysis and action plan for change
  • Understand the legal aspects and practicalities of flexible working

Course Content

Introduction and Objectives
The way things are

  • Audit of your current private and working life
  • Assessing the balance
  • Understanding how to achieve the right balance

Managing priorities

  • Exploring the difference between important and urgent pressures

Being in control

  • Practical ways of exercising more control over your use of time

Working smarter

  • Freeing up time for personal objectives
  • Coping with competing demands
  • Using your energy in the right directions


  • Scheduling activities to ensure you focus on key work/life balance

Perspective and control

  • Lateral thinking
  • Patterns of behaviour
  • Listening responses
  • Developing self assertion
  • Making and refusing requests
  • The importance of control      


  • Identifying the adverse effects of stress
  • Avoiding being your own worst enemy
  • Everything in moderation
  • Self-moderation
  • Stress as a positive source of energy
  • Exercises in reducing negative stress

A work/life balance

  • Workshop session involving exercises designed to help identify key areas
    for personal development and action planning

Action plan

  • Planning and scheduling specific changes in how you balance work/life pressures for yourself

Legal rights

  • Time off for dependants
  • Part time working
  • Working time regulations
  • Fixed term contracts

Flexible working patterns

  • Flexi-time and how to manage it
  • Home working, hot desking
  • Part time options

Review of Programme

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