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Win-Win Negotiation

Negotiation is key to everyday business and the ability to negotiate effectively in a wide range of business contexts is crucial. This involves securing the best outcome for both parties and protecting valued relationships.

Common concerns we hear include:

  •   How do I retain rapport and a positive relationship while negotiating?
  •   How do I get to the heart of the other party’s requirements?
  •   How do I achieve my goal while retaining my integrity?

This course will confirm and consolidate your existing negotiation skills as well as provide you with some new negotiation tools and perspectives, supported by plenty of practice. Using the ‘Harvard method’, or interest-based relational approach, you’ll learn how to achieve valuable ‘win-win- outcomes that deliver for both parties and build lasting relationships that deliver value in the long-term. What you learn will be useful at work and in many other contexts.

This course is aimed at anyone who is looking to improve their negotiation skills to enable and facilitate decisions that achieve win-win outcomes, for example when:

  •   Negotiating with clients
  •   Getting the best deal with suppliers
  •   Managing stakeholders
  •   Working with employee representatives
  •   Negotiating with professional and accrediting bodies
  •   Wanting to develop lasting relationships with key stakeholders and customers
  •   Managing projects

Learning Objectives

  •   Identify your own and others’ negotiation styles and patterns
  •   Explain distributive and Integrative negotiation styles and their impact
  •   Assess your conflict handling styles
  •   Identify the consequences of unproductive styles
  •   Use negotiation structure and planning for win-win outcomes
  •   Use the Interest-based Relational Approach to negotiation
  •   Construct flexible negotiation solutions
  •   Negotiate in teams
  •   Negotiate persuasively using case studies

Course Content

Day 1:

  •   Negotiation styles
  •   Case study 1
  •   Negotiation structure
  •   Case study 2

Day 2:

  •   Interest-Based Relational approach (the Harvard Negotiation Program)
  •   Getting people to say ‘yes’
  • Case study 3
  •   Team negotiations

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