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Speaking and Presenting with Confidence

During this two-day workshop we will help you to transform your presentation skills, adding greater control and confidence.

In a workshop environment you will plan, prepare, practise and deliver a number of presentations. Some will be recorded for you to view and you will be given feedback on how to enhance your approach and delivery. You will leave us with some tricks of the trade and increased confidence to enhance your delivery and engage any audience.

Suitable for individuals at all levels who are required to speak in front of others and wish to project a professional image, and develop their skills and confidence. Particularly suitable for those with little or no experience, or with some experience but seeking to refresh skills or manage their nerves effectively.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare your presentations more effectively.
  • Build in several techniques for keeping audience interest.
  • Use voice, body language and room layout to best effect.
  • Look and feel more confident when presenting.
  • Use a variety of visuals aids including recent technology.
  • Prepare and deliver to multicultural audiences.
  • Interact with your audience, taking questions and feedback.
  • Handle challenging questions and audience behaviours.

Course Content


  • Meeting the needs of your audience (including multicultural and multinational)
  • Overcoming the barriers to successful group speaking
  • Aims, objectives and content - focusing on the key issues
  • Considering use of different media and technology (e.g. internet, audio or webex)
  • Practising your delivery, timing and flow – and handling likely questions

Building Confidence

  • Confidence and its effect on your audience
  • Channelling nerves to help you and building confidence
  • Relaxation techniques to ease anxiety

Delivery Skills

  • An evaluation of your body language and image
  • Positive language and appropriate gestures
  • Sound interested, enthusiastic and professional when projecting your voice
  • Connect and interact with your audience and handle their questions
  • Top techniques for influence, credibility and interest
  • Use effective and appropriate visual aids and room layouts

Personal Development

  • Formulating a personal action plan – including further courses
  • Digital assets to continue building your skills


Whilst planning, preparation and practice time is available on the course, you may wish to give some thought to the subject of the presentations you wish to practise. Perhaps one work-related and one leisure-related subject. You will be asked to give one five-minute presentation and one of ten minutes. Feedback shows that this is consistently the most helpful part of the course. Please also bring any information with you that you will need for your preparation or presentation.

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