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Public Speaking: Compelling Speeches & Presentations

Public speaking is required in almost every business role, but a variety of factors cause many professionals to struggle when talking in front of an audience. In this training course, you learn how to strengthen your speaking skills, build your confidence, and establish rapport with the audience — all while practicing and delivering presentations in a safe environment with personalised feedback.

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Learning Objectives

You Will Learn How To

  • Speak publicly in a convincing, confident, and concise style
  • Deliver dynamic and effective presentations
  • Employ a method to create materials that support a compelling speech
  • Build audience rapport through eye contact, vocal delivery, and body language
  • Sharpen your public speaking skills by integrating feedback


Recommended Experience:

  • Basic familiarity with PowerPoint
  • Prior public speaking experience

Course Content

Course Outline

Creating Compelling Speeches

Employing a proven five-step method

  • Hooking the audience
  • Identifying the critical need
  • Presenting the key ideas concisely
  • Explaining the payoff
  • Calling for action

Identifying your goal

  • Informing
  • Persuading
  • Motivating
  • Entertaining

The skill-building cycle

  • Determining your baseline public speaking skills
  • Taming fears and increasing confidence through practice and preparation
  • Leveraging your own personality and style
  • Increasing your awareness and abilities by evaluating other speakers
  • Integrating audience feedback to fine-tune your delivery

Building an Effective Presentation

The construction and design process

  • Setting objectives
  • Assessing and addressing the needs of your audience
  • Matching purpose and point to the audience
  • Creating the storyboard model

Mind mapping as a presentation design tool

  • Rapidly capturing presentation ideas
  • Structuring content for clarity
  • Converting mind maps into presentations

Shaping the presentation

  • Applying learning theory for optimal information transfer
  • Employing 7+/-2 rule to aid comprehension
  • Volume vs. retention
  • Identifying the key points

Designing high-impact slides

  • Making text, colour and graphics work together
  • Limiting content to increase effect
  • Employing information graphics to simplify complex data
  • Avoiding visual traps

Engaging Your Audience

The speaker as a visual aid

  • Directing the audience's natural eye movement
  • Moving dynamically within the presentation space
  • Engaging the entire audience with effective eye contact
  • Synchronising gestures to the verbal message

Animating your speech with vocal variety

  • Adding pitch modulation and dynamics
  • Reinforcing points with pauses and silence
  • Reducing verbal distractors

Delivering memorable openings and closings

  • Five opening strategies to spark interest
  • Motivating the audience with a call to action

Adding Interactivity to Your Presentations

Drawing the audience

  • Stimulating participation with preplanned questions
  • Conveying content through topical questions
  • When to ask rhetorical, group or targeted questions

Handling questions from the audience

  • Reward, restate and respond
  • Keeping your answers short and simple
  • Getting back on track after an unplanned interruption

Managing the post-talk Q&A session

  • Pre-empting "hot-button" questions
  • Staying aware of the message you are conveying
  • Priming the pump when there are no questions

Rehearsing and Delivering Your Speech

Building confidence with practice

  • Effective rehearsal techniques
  • Incorporating audience feedback to improve a presentation
  • Staying within your time limit

Delivering your presentation

  • Opening dynamically to create a winning first impression
  • Applying your public speaking toolkit

Exams & Certification

This course is approved by PMI® for 17 professional development units (PDUs).

  Technical : 16 PDUs
  Business & Strategic : 1 PDUs

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