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Improving the Customer Experience - Make the Best of Every Touchpoint

This course is full of best practice tips and techniques that will enable your organisation to develop a customer-centric customer service process at every touchpoint.

Are you attracting customers or driving them away without knowing why? This course will help you identify the answers to both questions.


If you are a customer service manager or customer service process owner, then this course is for you.

It is a highly practical and interactive course designed to help you identify the customer touchpoints in your own organisation that aren’t working and can be improved. It will provide you with a ‘blueprint for success’ to take back to the workplace.

You will also take away a CD containing a best practice step-by-step guide for use with others to analyse and improve your current approach to the customer touchpoint management process.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Analyse your customer service process from end to end.
  • Make a 360° map of your organisation’s touchpoints.
  • Identify which customer touchpoints are working and those that are not.
  • Identify what processes and touchpoints can be improved to add value to your customers' experience.
  • Use a variety of techniques to develop a customer-focused culture.
  • Use a proven best practice approach making change happen when managing customer complaints.

Course Content

The Customer Service Process

  • Mapping the process end to end
  • The customers’ experience
  • Identifying 'value add' steps

A 360° View of Your Organisation

  • Product, process and value
  • Customer experience life cycle
  • Developing the seven steps of the life cycle

Touchpoint Management

  • Customers’ needs, levers and values
  • Measuring results
  • Cause and effect of poor results

Understanding Customer Expectations

  • ‘Right first time’
  • Adding value
  • Motivating loyalty and advocacy

Developing a Customer-focused Culture

  • Aligning people, processes and systems
  • Thinking like a customer
  • Deliver bad news fast

Improving Customers’ Experience

  • Why customers complain
  • Managing difficult situations
  • Saying no but retaining customer loyalty

Personal Application Plan

  • Planning for change
  • Using the ‘blueprint’ for success


Pre-course Activity

To gain the maximum benefit from the course, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete which asks you to consider current expectations and challenges that your customers face when doing business with your organisation. This will also ask you to bring examples of any customer service touchpoint metrics that you may have in order that these may be used in the practical sessions.

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