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Giving Engaging Technical Talks at Conferences and Meetups

Are you ready to level up your public speaking skills? Keen to learn how to give engaging technical talks? Like to improve your chances of having your talk proposals accepted by program committees? Join us for a two day practical session and gain the skills you need to propose, create and deliver a great presentation and get your audience engage with your ideas!

Great presenters are made and not born.

This fun two day workshop will get you over the cringe-factor of public speaking and unleash your super-hero presenting self into the software development community, so you can share all your expertise and ideas with confidence.

Sounds like a plan?

Join this course and bring your idea for a 3 minute talk. Day one takes you through a structured process to help you refine your ideas, submit a talk proposal for your idea, structure and shape your messages, and practice your talk to camera. In day two we will gear you up to deliver your presentation with flare and presence and help you find your personal style.

About the Author

Jenny Martin

Jenny Martin is a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach specialising in agile delivery, quality improvement and innovation games.


All members of the software development community interested in developing confidence in presenting and public speaking. No previous presenting experience required.


Learning Objectives

Learn how to:

  • Prepare and give talks confidently in the software development community
  • Improve the chances of getting talk proposals accepted
  • Structure your presentation so that it is valuable, fun and engaging
  • Give credible talks and speeches internally and at public events
  • Present with flare and presence
  • Play to your strengths and personal style
  • Gain skills to help share your skills and technical expertise with others
  • Deliver impactful technical demonstrations
  • Get feedback on technologies and practices in the community
  • Interact with your audience


  • An idea for, or loosely prepared 3 minute talk
  • A laptop with software for word processing, presenting and ideally mind-mapping
  • Optional - a mobile phone with video capability (if you want to record yourself in some of the games)

Bring your own hardware

To participate in this course you are required to bring your own laptop with any OS, word processing software and some sort of presentation software also (either prezi, keynote or Powerpoint) preferred.

Course Content

Day 1

Preparing an Awesome Talk / Presentation

  • Introductions and Ice-breakers
  • Profiling your Audience
    • Audience Personas (Exercise)
    • It’s all about them
  • Crafting a proposal that gets selected (Exercise)
    • Getting the topic right
    • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Structuring your presentation
    • 45 Second Rule
    • Beginning, Middle, End (Exercise)
    • IMPACT
    • The Rule of 3s
  • Shaping your messages
    • Brainstorm, explore, rationalize (Exercise)
    • Refine Content with SUCCESS model (Exercise)
  • Preparing Visual Aids
  • Guides on slides – do’s and don’ts
    • Sexy slides (Exercise)
    • Tools
    • Other powerful approaches
  • Preparing for a Technical Demonstration
    • What does my audience know, think and feel about my topic?
    • What are the 3 messages I want them to take away?
    • LAD (Leanest Awesome Demo)
  • Being Prepared
    • Rehearsal strategies
    • Being prepared on the day
  • Day 1 Presentations
    • Delegates present their prepared 5 minute talk to camera and are able to review themselves overnight (we upload them to a link which they are able to access)

Day 2

Delivering an Awesome Talk / Presentation

  • Communication
    • The basics about different forms of communication
    • Why does communication go wrong?
  • Developing Confidence
    • My Superhero self - who do I want to be?
    • Know your strengths
    • Overcoming nerves
  • Practice, Practice, Practice – ITERATE!
    • *A number of short presenting games and challenges focused on putting learning into practice and get rapid feedback. Smile and give your audience something to smile about! *
  • Verbal Communication
    • Fluency / Articulation (games)
    • A good structure (games)
  • Vocal variation and agility (games)
  • Visual communication and body language (games)
    • Stance, eye contact, facial expression, authenticity (games)
    • Gestures
    • Movement on Stage
  • Presenting with Flare and Presence (let’s put it all together)
    • Conversations and Storytelling (games)
    • Presenting with Passion (games)
    • The Wow moment (Exercise)
  • Handling technical demonstrations and presentations
    • Top tips
    • Be slick (games)
  • Audience interaction and participation
    • Small Groups 4-40
    • Large Groups - 100 - 300
  • Final Talks
    • *Attendees get time to refine and practice their presentations and deliver them again to camera. *
  • Final Hooray
  • Reflection and conclusions
    • What will I take away? What am I going to do next?
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