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Facilitation Skills

"The new leader is a facilitator, not an order giver."


About this course
Managers, leaders and other professionals are increasingly asked to facilitate meetings of all kinds, including sales meetings, project meetings, team meetings, focus groups, consultations, and so on – the list is endless! Having great facilitation skills will boost your ability to help others maximise their contribution in a wide variety of team or group situations. Stimulating and managing group dynamics can deliver highly effective results.

In this course you’ll develop a better understanding of the role of the facilitator, how it differs from, for example, chairing a meeting, delivering a briefing or running a training session, and how facilitation techniques can add value to all those situations and more.

Common questions we hear from those attending this course include:

  • How can I get more from the meetings I run?
  • What’s the difference between chairing and facilitating a meeting?
  • How can I manage group processes more effectively?
  • How can I manage challenging people in group situations and make sure everyone can contribute?
  • This is a highly participative and experiential workshop, in which you’ll learn, and get to practise using, a wide variety of facilitation tools and approaches. You’ll run your own facilitated session and get feedback from your trainer and peers to enhance your facilitation skills further.
  • All our trainers have many years’ experience in facilitating groups of all sizes, types and levels in organisations.


This course is aimed at anyone who wants to develop their facilitation skills.

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Learning Objectives

  • Define facilitation and the facilitation process
  • Identify and flex between different facilitation modes and styles
  • Plan and shape your facilitation session
  • Engage with the participants to build rapport, clarify outcomes, gain commitment and agree ground rules
  • Identify a variety of techniques to help groups explore issues and solve problems
  • Find ways to manage group dynamics and conflict
  • Identify methods to support group decision making
  • Discover ways to help your group commit to action
  • Identify challenges and solutions for virtual facilitation
  • Facilitate a session and gain valuable feedback


You’ll be asked to bring along an outline for a 10-15 minute facilitated session, though there will be time for additional preparation during the workshop.

Course Content

Workshop agenda


1. Welcome and introductions
2. What is ‘facilitation’?
3. The SEECA facilitation process
4. Facilitation modes and styles
5. Shape – planning your session
6. Engage – starting the session
7. Explore – helping the group unpack the issues
8. Explore (cont’d) – group problem solving
9. Summary and close


1. Recap
2. Explore (cont’d) – group dynamics and conflict
3. Conclude – helping the group reach decisions
4. Act – committing to action
5. Virtual facilitation
6. Practise sessions
7. Action planning and close

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