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Facilitating Remote Meetings

Today's workplace is changing fast with cross-border, flexible and remote working becoming an increasing reality for more employees each year. Without doubt, this trend is set to continue with significant implications for business leaders and managers and how they effectively manage, communicate with, and motivate their teams.

Technology, IT systems and communication tools such as the internet, intranet, video conferencing and mobile communications support the success of remote meetings. Many organisations are switching to remote working as part of a deliberate business strategy and to focus on customer related activities. This brings with it; far greater employee responsibility, empowerment and personal development.

To run successful remote meetings there needs to be a clear understanding of the issues, supported with a well thought out strategy. This programme has been developed to help manage and run remote meetings effectively and efficiently.

This programme is for you if:

you  are a country, regional or area managers, a field-based worker or if you operate remotely from the rest of your team.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand and appreciate the differences between co-located and remote meetings
  • To benchmark against the best practices of running  effective remote managers
  • Understand and appreciate the diverse characteristics and dynamics of remote teams
  • Explore the impact of remote meetings on outcomes
  • Have an overview of the tools available to support remote meetings

Course Content

Introduction and Objectives

Meeting Face to Face or Remotely:
Evaluating the Options

  • When is a remote meeting appropriate?
  • How will it be different?


Matching Technology to Meeting Objectives

  • Options
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each


The Process

  • Planning virtual meetings
  • Importance of pre-work
  • Creating a realistic agenda
  • Engaging remote participants
  • Running 'hybrid' meetings
  • Navigating cultural differences
  • Following up
  • Building on success


  • Disseminating and managing information
  • The challenges of listening, contributing and participating
  • Dealing with different styles, needs and demands
  • Maintaining control, agreeing on objectives and ending remote sessions
  • Dealing with difficult situations


Review of Programme

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