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Essential Negotiation Skills

This intensive one-day course teaches the basics of negotiations. Delegates will learn how to identify objectives and variables, establish negotiation requirements, research the other party, determine concessions, formulate a plan for agreement, and determine the logistics of a negotiation. Course activities also cover the guidelines for conducting a successful negotiation and facilitating communication, questions a person should ask and appropriate responses, and situations that require a specific negotiation style. Delegates will also learn how to gain control in a negotiation, use various negotiation tactics, and deal with unethical negotiation tactics.

Who Should Attend

Anyone, whether in a sales, purchasing or management role who needs to negotiate with others in order to achieve results.


Course Content

Introduction and Course Overview
What is Negotiation?
• What is Negotiation? 
Types of Negotiators
• Soft Negotiators  • Hard Negotiators  • Negotiating Styles  • Review of Individual Negotiating Styles 
Problems with Positional Bargaining
• Arguing Over Positions  • Soft vs Hard Styles  • Separating People From The Problem  • Negotiating Style Exercise 
The Successful Negotiator
• Characteristics of the Successful Negotiator  • Inventory of Negotiating Skills 
Negotiation Essentials
• Preparation for Negotiation  • Gathering Information  • Knowing Yourself  • Best Alternative (BATNA)  • Walking Away Point (WAP) 
Inventing Options for Mutual Gain
• Avoiding Premature Judgment  • Brainstorming  • Broadening Your Options  • The Assumption of a Fixed Pie  • Thinking that "Solving Their Problem is Their Problem" 
• The Four Kinds of Fear  • Conquering Fear  • Fear Exercise 
Negotiating Challenges
• Challenges to Negotiating Success 
Dealing with Negative Emotions
• Developing a Detached Mental Attitude  • How to Respond to Tough Tactics  • Defusing Negative Emotions  • Pairs Exercise  A Difficult Negotiation 
A Personal Action Plan
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Three Months
More than Three Months
PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner
MSP Foundation & Practitioner
APMP Certificate
ITIL Foundation
Scrum in One Day
Certified ScrumMaster
ISTQB Software Test Foundation
Microsoft Project
BCS Business Analysis Practice
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