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Effective Communication

This programme is for you if you want to communicate in a powerful, positive, and assertive manner

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Learning Objectives

This programme is for you if you want to communicate in a powerful, positive, and assertive manner



Course Content

Programme Focus

The true nature of assertiveness

• Defining terms – what precisely is assertiveness?
• Breaking the myths and misconceptions

The benefits of communicating assertively

• How assertiveness impacts on relationships
• The negative impact of other approaches


• Behaviour - getting it in perspective
• The four behavioural options
• How our conditioning prevents us being assertive - the two ‘taboos’
• React or respond? - the distinctions

Rights and responsibilities

• An assertive ‘Bill of Rights’
• Two way street: Achieving a balance between rights and responsibilities

Assertive language

• How we communicate
• The vital importance of integrity and congruence
• Assertive tone and body language Being responsive
• The power of active listening as an assertiveness tool
• Gaining empathy and understanding

Putting yourself forward

• Making requests and the psychology of asking for what we want
• Saying “no”
• Negative feelings assertion

Dealing with ‘difficult’ people

• Dissolving aggression in others
• Handling put downs
• Remaining calm and in control

Giving and receiving feedback and criticism

• “Soft on the person, hard on the issue”
• Key do’s and don’ts on feedback and criticism
• Dealing with compliments

Exams & Certification


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