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Diversity in the Workplace Training: Building Bridges of Understanding

This course focuses on diversity awareness to increase participants ability to work effectively and productively in a diverse workplace. It is designed to be thought provoking and challenging. With increased self-awareness and awareness of others, participants are able to recognise and value our human differences. This allows them to develop strategies and actions to support teams and organisations to excel.

Key Features of this Diversity in the Workplace Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • End-of-course exam included

Who Should Attend this Course

Anyone who is ready to learn how to embrace and work with a diverse workforce and who wants to make a positive difference in their organisation. This course is beneficial to all persons regardless of age, title, or educational level.

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Learning Objectives

  • Develop awareness and knowledge of the many dimensions of diversity.
  • Identify the major components of culture and its influence on the individual and on relationships.
  • Examine the effect of group affiliations on individual identity.
  • Explore the costs and effects of stereotyping.
  • Recognise the stages towards an inclusive workplace.
  • Improve communication amongst diverse employees.

Course Content

Introductions & Overview

  • Course Goals
  • Course Objectives
  • Community Agreements
  • Activity: What’s in a Name?

Diversity: Similar Differences

  • Chapter Objectives
  • What is Diversity?
  • Dimensions of Diversity
  • Activity: Similar Differences
  • Levels of Uniqueness
  • Activity: Who Am I?

How Culture Shapes Us

  • Chapter Objectives
  • What is Culture
  • Layers of Culture
  • Activity: Brief Encounters
  • Values: The Core of Culture
  • Value Programming
  • Activity: My Life’s Journey
  • Steps for Building Understanding

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Chapter Objectives
  • Activity: Portraits of Diversity
  • Share of the Workforce
  • Approaches to Diversity
  • Steps Towards an Inclusive Workplace
  • Activity: Identifying Barriers to Inclusion
  • Benefits of an Inclusive Workplace
  • Characteristics of an Inclusive Workplace

Identity Groups and Stereotypes

  • Chapter Objectives
  • What is Group Identity?
  • Group Identities are Important
  • When There are Few Amongst Many
  • Stereotyping
  • Pitfalls and Costs of Stereotyping
  • Activity: Why do People Stereotype
  • Why People Stereotype
  • Activity: Internalised Oppression; Internalised Pride
  • Activity: Untold History

Race, Gender, Power

  • Chapter Objectives
  • Conscious/Unconscious
  • Expectations and Assumptions
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Key Characteristics of Unconscious Bias
  • Some Types of Unconscious Bias
  • Systemic Racism and Sexism
  • How ‘isms” are Built
  • Activity: I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know
  • Characteristics of Dominant Groups
  • Outcomes: Racist/Sexist vs. Inclusive
  • What is Power?
  • Activity: Race/Gender and Power

Communicating in a Diverse Workplace

  • Chapter Objectives
  • Definition of Communication
  • Axioms of Communication
  • Communication Keys
  • Activity: Diversity Competence Skills
  • Diversity Mindset

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