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Oracle VM Server for SPARC Administration

Oracle VM Server for SPARC technology (formerly Solaris Logical Domains) training course is part of a suite of methodologies for consolidation and resource management that includes Sun Fire Dynamic System Domains and Oracle Containers.

Who Should Attend?

System Administrators VM Ware Administrators IT Engineers IT Professionals with a hands on Sparc visualisation role. Solaris OS Administrators.

Our intensive Oracle VM Server for SPARC Administration training course covers all the areas necessary to install, configure and administer the Oracle VM Server for SPARC software on CMT (Core Multi-Threaded) servers. It starts with server access configuration, followed by firmware issues, and then examines building the Solaris OS and installing the latest Logical Domain Manager (LDOM) software. Delegate progress to LDOM configuration of the Control and Service domains, and a variety of guest domains each running their own operating system. Attendees will learn additional administration tasks such as changing domain resources, plus recent additions such as T4 server CPU tuning. As this course has a heavy hands-on focus, each delegate has full access to a CMT server across the course. For comparison purposes course content is equivalent to D69088GC10 as delivered by the vendor and their third party resellers.

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Solaris OS Knowledge

Course Content

Logical Domains Introduction

  • LDOM topics covered on this course.
  • LDoms positioning and uses.
  • LDoms supported operating systems.
  • LDoms example scenarios.

System Firmware 

  • Logging in.
  • Serial line connection. Erasing firmware password. Setting a password. 
  • Network access.
  • Display network settings.
  • Setting a static network address.
  • Network access via ssh.
  • System console (ok prompt).
  • Returning to ALOM.
  • System poweron.

Installing Solaris and the Logical Domain Manager (LDM) software

  • How to install the Solaris software on the server with considerations for LDOM hosting.
  • Downloading the LDM software.
  • Preparing to install LDM software.
  • Locating firmware patches Installing a firmware update Installing patches.

Installing LDOM software

  • Logical domain types.
  • Creating virtual services in the control domain, including disk, network and virtual terminals.

Control Domain Configuration

  • Listing resources.
  • MAUs.
  • VPCUs and memory.
  • Configuration storage.
  • Control Domain network configuration.
  • The Virtual Network Terminal Server Daemon (vntsd)
  • Do I need separate Service and I/O domains?

Guest Domains

  • Creating a Guest Domain.
  • Listing resources.
  • Disk space allocation for a Guest Domain.
  • Using ZFS disk space for a Guest Domain.
  • Using ZFS emulated volumes for virtual disk.
  • Creating the Guest Domain and assigning resources.

Guest domain OS installs and storage options

  • Installing a Guest Domain using an ISO image.
  • Installing a Guest Domain with network boot.
  • Building the OS in a Guest Domain.
  • Using ZFS for Guest Domain Golden Image for rapid deployment.

Alternatives for domain backend disk storage

  • Using a UFS file as a Virtual Disk.
  • Using an iSCSI target as a Virtual Disk.
  • Using a physical disk or slice as a Virtual Disk.
  • Assigning extra storage to existing zones.
  • Exporting storage multiple times.
  • Creating a separate IO domain.
  • Using backend disk storage mutlipathing.

Network Configuration Options

  • Virtual device and interface naming.
  • MAC Addresses allocation - automatically or manually?
  • Configuring IPMP.
  • VLAN support.
  • Link aggregations.

Guest Domain configuration with XML files

Guest Domains running Solaris 8 and 9 Zones

  • Solaris 8 zone example with installation.

Listing Domain Information - more examples

Reconfiguration of Guest Domain Resources

  • Changing the numbers of virtual CPUs and MAUs in a domain.
  • Whole-core allocation issues.
  •  Changing the amount of memory in a domain.
  • T4 Server CPU configuration (max-throughput or max-ipc)
  • Immediate and delayed reconfiguration issues.
  • Migrating guest domains to other systems

Upgrading the Logical Domain Manager Software

Domain Configuration Storage and backup Issues

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