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Oracle UPK Developer

This Oracle UPK (User Productivity Kit) course provides hands-on exercises, students will learn how to create documents which are stored in the Library and how to link these in order to create a structure using modules, sections and topics. They will learn how to prepare for and then record content in the target application.

Using UPK you will capture, retain, and disseminate critical organizational process knowledge to ensure the success of your enterprise applications, accelerate user adoption, and prepare your organization to be productive the first day with Oracle UPK.


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Course Content


  • High level overview of the
  • product and the components that
  • make up this course.

Build an Outline

  • Build a Content Outline
  • Navigate the Outline Editor
  • Link a New Module/Section/Topic
  • Develop an Outline
  • Move a Document
  • Find a Document in the Library

Record Topics

  • Set Developer Defaults
  • Record and Edit Topic Content
  • Set Record Options

Preview a Topic

  • Preview Topic and Player Modes
  • Player Defaults
  • Preview Documents
  • Document Defaults

Use the Topic Editor

  • Launch the Topic Editor
  • Customise the Layout
  • Navigate Frames
  • Add Text to Introduction/End Frames

Insert and Delete Frames

  • Manipulate Frames
  • Insert Missing Frame/Frames
  • Delete a Frame
  • Insert a No-Context Frame
  • Insert an Explanation Frame

Edit a Topic

  • Define the Action for a Frame
  • Resize an Action Area
  • Move an Action Area
  • Use Undo

Modify the Bubble

  • Edit Bubble Properties
  • Use the Bubble Templates for a Frame
  • Add and Edit Custom Bubble Text
  • Change the Bubble Icon, Pointer and Colour

Manipulate Bubble Text

  • Insert Template Text as Custom Text
  • Specify the Playback Mode for Custom Text
  • Control Text in Player and Print Output
  • Preview Frame Text for Playback

Using the Action Properties Wi

  • Ignore Context Information
  • Use Keep with Next
  • Create a New Action Area
  • Delete an Action Area
  • Copy an Action Area
  • Disable the Action Area
  • Keyboard Action Options
  • Set Frame Delay

Managing Library Folders and D

  • Rename, Move and Delete a Folder
  • Open, Rename and Save Docs
  • Document in Use Message
  • Record from the Library

Changing Views and Layouts

  • Split the Work Area
  • Viewing Folder Content
  • Changing the Outline Editor View

Refine the Outline

  • Move a Document
  • Delete a Document Link
  • Undo/Redo Actions
  • Link an Existing Document
  • Link a Document using Copy and Paste
  • Print an Outline

Work with Related Documents

  • Manage Document Relationships
  • Delete a Document and Related Documents
  • View and Repair Broken Links

Understand Toolpanes

  • Display and Position Toolpanes
  • Move and Resize a Toolpane
  • Display Multiple Toolpanes
  • Autohide Docked Toolpanes

View and Assign Doc Properties

  • View Document Properties
  • Use the Properties Toolpane
  • Change Document Properties
  • Ways to Assign Properties
  • General Properties
  • Topic Properties

Create Attachments

  • Enhance Content with Attachments
  • Attachment Considerations
  • Enhance Content with Packages
  • Enhance Content with Web Pages
  • Edit a Web Page
  • Enhance Content with URLs

Link Attachments

  • Link Attachments as a Concept
  • Link to an Attachment from a Topic Frame
  • Link to an Attachment from Bubble Text
  • Manage Linked Attachments

Create a Glossary

  • Define Glossary Terms
  • Create a Glossary
  • Assign a Glossary to a Document
  • Select a Glossary Definition Link
  • Update Glossary Link
  • Edit/Delete a Glossary

Understand Know It? Mode

  • Know It? mode – Overview
  • Set Know It! Scoring Defaults
  • Know It? Remediation Levels
  • String Input Scoring in Know It? Mode
  • Play Know It! Mode

Use String Input Options

  • String Input Formatting Options
  • Input Text Options
  • Clear the Input Text Entry List
  • Add New Text to the Input Text List
  • Replace/Delete Input Text
  • Set the Default Text Entry
  • Adding Meta Entries to the Input Text (Review)

Alternative Actions and Paths

  • Insert an Alternative Action
  • Display an Alternative Actions / Paths
  • Insert an Alternative Path
  • Change the End Frame of an
  • Alternative Path
  • Set the Current Action as the
  • Default Action
  • Delete an Action/Path

Create Decision Frames

  • Use Decision Frames during Playback
  • Insert a Decision Frame
  • Record Paths in a Decision Frame
  • Rename Paths in a Decision Frame
  • Edit Header Text
  • Reposition/Remove Paths
  • Deleting a Decision Frame

Editing Frames

  • Recapture an Action and Screenshot
  • Re-record a Topic
  • Use Context IDs
  • Edit a Screenshot
  • Create a Jump-in Point
  • Change the Print Setting

Define Roles

  • Create Roles for Topic Filtering
  • Assign Roles to Topics
  • Update a Master Role List
  • Rename/Delete a Role
  • Create a New Role List

Assign Keywords

  • Keywords Property
  • Assign Keywords
  • Delete Keywords

Reuse Documents

  • Paste and Paste Special
  • Copy and Paste a Document (Outline Editor)
  • Copy and Paste (Library)
  • Copy and Paste Special (Library)
  • Copy a Folder

Spell Check Content

  • Spelling Defaults
  • Spell Check Content

Use Find and Replace

  • Find and Replace Text
  • Replace a Font

Publish Content for the Player

  • Player Formats
  • Player
  • HTML Web Site
  • LMS Package
  • Standalone Topic Files
  • Web Plug-In
  • Use the Publishing Wizard

Publish Content Print Outputs

  • Document Formats
  • Set Preview Options
  • Add Document Revision Text
  • Document Output Properties

Incorporate Sound (Optional)

  • Edit Sound Properties
  • Record a Sound File
  • Import/Export a Sound File
  • Play Sound Files
  • Delete a Sound File

Publish Reports

  • Reports
  • Context IDs
  • Missing Sound Files

Export/Import Content

  • Export Content
  • Import Content

Check In/Check Out

  • Check In/Out Indicators
  • Check In a Document
  • Open a Checked in Document
  • Check Out a Document
  • Cancel Check Out
  • Refresh the Library and Outline Editor
  • Manager Folder Conflicts
  • Version a Document

Multi-User Environment

  • Working in a Multi-User Environment
  • Multi User Considerations (Review)
  • Delete and Restore Documents (Demonstration)
  • Assign Content State

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