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Oracle OLAP Essentials Workshop

Oracle OLAP Essentials Workshop - key skills for all embarking on an Oracle business intelligence, data warehousing or data mining project.

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Learning Objectives

Online analytical processing, (OLAP), as succinctly different to OLTP   (transactional processes) enables fast multi-dimensional analytical   (MDA) queries. This Oracle OLAP Essentials workshop will explore OLAP data models to enable attendees to support and address the needs of a broad range of business intelligence project requirements.

Hands on labs are structured throughout courses and will include exercises to enable delegates to design and build OLAP cubes to serve as a summary management resource for existing SQL table queries, through to adding rich analytic content to attendees data models. Further hands on labs will provide delegates with skills to develop their own sophisticated reports of OLAP data by using simple SQL queries, to execute OLAP queries in SQL Developer or Oracle tools, and progress to apply cube security, access control, exploring best practice including performance.


  • SQL for Oracle
  • A base understanding of OLAP and BI concepts is helpful, athough not essential

Course Content

Oracle OLAP, Oracle BI and Data Warehouses

Oracle OLAP and the Oracle BI / DW Platform

Oracle OLAP Option Overview

Accessing Oracle OLAP data


Dimensional Model

Stored and Calculated Measures






OLAP Cubes

The Cube Building Tool

Creating Dimensions

Designing Cubes

Creating Measures

Mapping to Source

Data Loading Data


Cube-Organized Materialized Views (Cube MVs)

Cube MV Summary Management

General Requirements for rewrite to MVs

Designing Cube MVs

Using Cube MVs


Creating Calculated Measures

OLAP Calculation Types

The Calculation Builder

Creating Common Business Calculations

Creating Custom Calculations


Using SQL to Query Oracle OLAP Cubes

Cube Views

Querying OLAP Cubes

 Leveraging Cube Summaries

Applying Query Filters

Joining OLAP and Relational Data


Enhancing Analytic Content

Creating Cubes with Varying Dimensionality

Integrating Measures from Data with Different Dimensionality

Forecast Measures Using OLAP DML


Using Ad Hoc Query and Reporting Tools Against OLAP Data

OLAP Data Using Oracle tools

Ad Hoc Query of OLAP Data Using Oracle BI Answers

Metadata Requirements for BI Tools


Implementing Cube Security

Authentication Requirements

Authorizing Access to Cube Data

User and Object Privileges

Methods for Scoping User Views of Data


Designing Cubes for Performance and Scalability

Objectives of Performant and Scalable Design

Data is Storage in Oracle Cubes

Cube Features that Impact Performance and Scalability

Design Techniques for Performance and Scalability


Examining Performance Tuning

How Cubes are Stored

Cube Build Processing

Balanced Configurations

Performance Bottlenecks

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