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Oracle 12c DBA Fundamentals 1

Oracle 12c hands on practical course for database administrator

Target Audience:

  • Database administrators
  • Application designers and developers
  • Web server administrators
  • System administrators
  • Implementation specialists
  • Data center support engineers
  • Information technology (IT) management professionals

Learning Objectives

The Oracle 12c hands on practical course for database administrators  provides attendees with the essential skills tool kit to undertake the  day-to-day administration tasks  required of an Oracle 12c database  administrator.

Attendees will be introduced to the key administration tasks and tools in the Oracle 12c enterprise environment. Following Fundamentals 1 attendees may choose to further build on their new skills, specializing in backup and recovery strategies, database performance tuning, security administration for the management of an enterprise-scale Oracle database installations.  This course introduces the many powerful capabilities of the  Oracle database and references the applicable resources and areas Oracle database administrators may need to consult.

Course content is designed to help assist those in preparation  for certification as an  Oracle Certified Associated (OCA) database  administrator.


The following skills are recommended:

  • Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals

Course Content

Introduction: Managing The Database Instance • The Database Management Tools • EM Database Express • EM Cloud Control • SQL Developer • Database Administration Duties
Introduction: Database Architecture Review • Database Instance Configurations • Memory Structures • Process Structures • Storage Architecture
Introduction: Starting & Stopping Database Services • Start & Stop The Database Listener • About Database Startup/Shutdown • SYSOPER • SYSDBA • Database State & Stages • Startup With EM Cloud Control • Startup With SQL*PLUS • Shutdown With EM Cloud Control • Shutdown With SQL*PLUS • Using MS Windows Services
Introduction: Oracle Network Environment • Oracle NET Services Architecture • Oracle NET Configuration Assistant • Oracle NET Manager • Using EM Cloud Control • Advanced Network Compression • Troubleshooting Network Problems
Introduction: Diagnostics & Oracle Support • About Database Diagnostics • Fault Diagnosability Infrastructure • Database Instance Health Snapshot • The Support Workbench • Proactive Database Health Checks • Package Diagnostic Data • Working With The Knowledge Base
Storage: Tablespace Management • Starter Tablespaces • Create Tablespace With EM CC • Create Tablespace With SQL • Manage Tablespaces With EM CC • Manage Tablespaces With EM DE • Manage Tablespaces With SQL • DROP Tablespace • ALTER Tablespace
Storage: Advanced Tablespace Management • Managing Temporary Tablespaces • Temp Tablespace Groups With EM • Temp Tablespace Groups With SQL • Default Permanent Tablespaces • Bigfile Tablespaces • Managing The SYSAUX Tablespace
Storage: Data Files & Temp Files Management • Manage Data Files With EM • Access Metadata With SQL • Manage Data Files With SQL • Manage Temp Files • Oracle-Managed Files (OMF)
Storage: Undo Data & Undo Tablespaces • About Undo Space Management • Configure Undo Management • Guarantee Undo Retention • Monitor Undo Space With SQL • Use The EM Undo Advisor
Security & Schemas: Security Overview & Database Privileges • Database Security Principles • Database System Privileges • Database Object Privileges • Super Administrator Roles • Privilege Analysis
Security & Schemas: User Security • Create & Manage User Accounts • Manage Users With EM • Manage Users With SQL • CREATE User • ALTER User • DROP User • Grant & Revoke Privileges • Resource Limits Via Profiles • ALTER Profile • DROP Profile • Password Management Via Profiles • Role-Based Security Management • Alter User...Default Role • Set Role • Delegating Privilege Authorization • With Admin Option & System Privileges • With Grant Option & Object Privileges • Principle Of Least Privilege Checklist
Security & Schemas: Database Auditing • Auditing Database Activity • Traditional Auditing • Unified Auditing • Create Audit Policy
Security & Schemas: SQL Loader • Loader Concepts • Loader From The Command Line • Control File Options • Load Methods • Loader Express Mode • Loader From EM
Security & Schemas: Export & Import • Manage Directory Objects • The Data Pump Architecture • Data Pump Export • Data Pump Import • Data Pump Dictionary Views • Using The EM Cc Interface
Performance & Availability: Managing Performance & SQL Tuning • Management Advisory Framework • Performance Monitoring & AWR • The SQL Tuning Advisor • Monitoring Exceptions With Metrics
Performance & Availability: Data Concurrency • About System & User Locks • Monitor & Manage User Locks • Monitor Locks With Data Dictionary • Manage Locks With EM
Performance & Availability: Backup & Recovery Concepts • Backup & Recovery Structures • Managing Redo Data • Configuring For Recoverability • Instance Recovery • Recoverability Checklist

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