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Oracle 11g WebLogic Server Administration

This Oracle 11g WebLogic Server Administration 5 day course explores the administration, installation and configuration of  Oracle WebLogic Server 11g.

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Learning Objectives

Attendees on this technical class with learn the administration knowledge necessary for the installation and configuring of Oracle WebLogic Server 11g.  Attendees cover deployment of Java EE applications using Administration Console, command-line and scripting tools such as WLST, configuration of Oracle HTTP Server as the Web interface for Oracle WebLogic Server as well as the configuration of Oracle WebLogic Server cluster to support failover and load balancing for applications. This technical course is delivered with a heavy focus on practical hands-on labs supported instructor led discussion to provide both background and experience of server administration tasks.  No prior knowledge of WebLogic server is required.  This course is ideally suited to those migrating from Oracle 10g OAS and Oracle 9iAS.


Course Content

Introduction to Oracle Fusion

  • Overview
  • Role of the Application Server
  • Architecture of a Web Server
  • Request/Response
  • WebLogic Server Components

Installation of WebLogic

  • Internet Connections & Intranet Domains.
  • Pre-Installation Tasks
  • Through the Installation
  • Installation options
  • Post Installation Tasks

WebLogic Admin - Console&Tools

  • Using WLST
  • Configuration MBeans
  • Runtime MBeans
  • Using Scripts
  • Using the Administration GUI

Configuring WebLogic Server

  • Configure Application Server
  • Configure Managed Servers
  • Configure Machines
  • Configure Node Managers

Deploying Applications

  • Deploying Libraries
  • Deploying Web Applications
  • Deploying Versioned Applications
  • Deploying EJBÂ’s
  • Archived Types
  • Deployment Plans

Java Database Connectivity

  • Setup Data Sources
  • Configure JDBC Drivers
  • Configure Connection Pools

Java Naming & Directory

  • Understanding JNDI
  • JNDI for Administrators
  • View JNDI Trees

Java Messaging Service

  • Setup JMS Applications
  • JMS Topics
  • JMS Queues

Oracle HTTP Server Config

  • Intro to Apache Server
  • Basic Architecture
  • Configuration, HTTPD.conf configuration
  • Monitor and Optimize

Oracle WL Clusters Config

  • HTTP Session Failover.
  • Configure JDBC Replication
  • Cross Cluster Replication

Backup & Recovery

  • Online Backup and Recovery
  • Offline Backup and Recovery
  • Full Backup and Recovery
  • Incremental Backup and Recovery.

Logging & WebLogic Server Mgmt

  • SNMP
  • Server / Domain Logs
  • Log Filters
  • WLDF Extensions

Config Basic Security for WLS

  • WebLogic security overview
  • Alternate security providers
  • JEE declarative security
  • Security roles and policies
  • SSL configuration

Performance Tuning

  • The JVM
  • Memory and Garbage Collection
  • Tools
  • Work Manager

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