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OID Oracle 11g Directory Services Administration

This OID Oracle 11g Directory Services Administration training course is designed to provide attendees a comprehensive introduction to administration of Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Virtual Directory.

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Learning Objectives

On this OID Oracle 11g Directory Services Administration course students will learn how to configure security for Oracle Internet Directory, including administering users and passwords and configuring directory access controls and configure Oracle Internet Directory for its various forms of synchronization and replication. 

This 5 days hands on course will also show students to create and manage LDAP, database, local-store, Join View, and custom adapters and integrate OID with Microsoft and Java System Directory Server along with the integration of Oracle Virtual Directory with Enterprise User Security. How to use OEM Fusion Middleware Control to perform auditing, monitoring, and logging with Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Virtual Directory will also be covered.

Further, advanced functionalities are built into the course structure such as routing and access making this an intensive 5 day course.

The course is delivered as a mixture of instructor led discussion and practical hands-on labs to provide background, crucial practical tips and techniques to ensure attendees are ready to fully harness their new skills on return to their work place. Business Focused Training.

This course can be tailored for companies wishing to receive in house, or closed company training.


Knowledge of Oracle 11g
Database Knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory 2003
Knowledge of Sun Java System Directory Server 6.2

Course Content

Essential Concepts
Overview of LDAP,
Oracle Internet Directory, and Oracle Virtual Directory foundation 
Concepts eStudy
Concepts eStudy
Installation and Configuration
Oracle WebLogic Server Concepts
Identity Management installation 
Oracle Internet Directory
Schemas using Repository Creation Utility
OID Installation
Validation checks
OID Configuration
Uninstall OID

Directory Server Administration
Naming contexts
References and referrals
Alias entries
Static and dynamic groups
Identify management tools
Process control architecture
Start and stop
Users and passwords

Directory Security
Authentication modes
Password protection and policies
Password verifiers
Configure SSL
Integrate with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
Integrate with Oracle Database Vault
Access control management

Synchronization Concepts
Integration Platform service
Features and benefits
Connectors, profiles, and agents
Starting, stopping, debugging, and logging options
View and monitor

Synchronization Services Administration
Integration Platform synchronization process 
Domain and attribute mapping rules
Matching filters
Relational tables
Troubleshoot issues

Integrating with Sun Java System Directory Server
Identify supported directories
Deployment planning scenario
Sun Java System Directory Server integration concepts
Third-party integrations
Express configuration
Integrate ODI and Sun Java System Directory Server using a custom configuration

Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory
Basic and advanced synchronization
Import and export against multiple domains
Foreign security principal references
Switch to a new Controller within the same domain
Configure the Oracle password filter

Replication Concepts
Introduction to replication concepts
Replication Configuration
Replication architecture
LDAP-based replication failover
Conflict resolution mechanism in
Filtering rules for partial replication

Replication Implementation
Configuring LDAP-based Replication
Install and configure one-way, two-way, or MMR using LDAP Replication
Start the replication server
Add and delete the replication node Configure LDAP-based replication
Human Intervention Queue Management tool and oidcmprec tool

Installing, Configuring, and Launching Oracle Virtual Directory
Architecture of Oracle Virtual Directory
Hardware, software, and sizing requirements for installing and configuring
Install and configure Oracle Virtual Directory’s two applications: Oracle Virtual Directory Server and Oracle Directory Services Manager
Launch Oracle Virtual Directory

Creating and Managing Basic Adapters
Oracle Virtual Directory adapters
Compare Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), database, and local-store adapters
Create unencrypted and encrypted LDAP adapters
Create a database adapter
Create a local-store adapter

Creating and Managing Advanced Adapters
Join View and custom adapters
Configure and test a Join View adapter
 Functions of Java plug-ins and mappings
Identify and deploy predefined Java plug-ins and mappings
Create and test a custom adapter

Advanced Functionalities
Identify routing functions and concepts
Configure routing
Multi-tier authentication and access control
Authentication and access control
Define , configure, and test Access Control Lists

Enterprise User Security (EUS)
Managing databases
Enterprise User Security (EUS)
Identify benefits of EUS
Describe how EUS and Oracle Internet Directory are used for password authentication
Architecture of EUS and Oracle Virtual Directory
Password and Kerberos
Strategies for implementing EUS
Oracle Virtual Directory integrates with EUS

Auditing, Monitoring, and Logging
Identify auditing, monitoring, and logging
Business Requirements
Audit solutions
Oracle Fusion Middleware Audit Framework
Oracle Directory Services framework monitoring purposes
Identify benefits of logging
Log files
Execution Context ID (ECID) and Relationship ID (RID)
Manage auditing, monitoring, and logging with Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control


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