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Introduction to Oracle Database Security

This Introduction to Oracle Database Security Ed 1 training teaches you how to use Oracle Database features to help meet the security, privacy and compliance requirements of your organization. Develop a deep understanding of the security risks and Oracle solutions provided to help address those risks.

Learn To:

  •   Describe and determine database security requirements.
  •   Choose Oracle security solutions to meet security requirements.
  •   Implement basic database security.
  •   Configure network security.
  •   Discover basic security configuration issues.

Benefits to You

By participating in hands-on practices and available demonstrations, you'll know how to use features of Oracle Database 12c to secure the databases in your own organization. You'll begin by implementing basic database and network security and build on this knowledge throughout the course.

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Learning Objectives

Describe and determine database security requirements

  •   Understand Oracle security solutions to help meet security requirements
  •   Implement basic database security
  •   Configure network security
  •   Discover basic security configuration issues


Required Prerequisites:

  •   Good knowledge of Oracle Database

Suggested Prerequisites:

  •   Create and manage users, roles, and privileges


  •   Security Administrators
  •   Auditor
  •   Database Administrators
  •   Network Administrator
  •   System Analysts
  •   ##Support Engineer

Course Content


  •   Course Objectives
  •   Course Schedule
  •   Detective Security Controls
  • Preventive Security Controls
  •   Your Learning Aids
  •   Basic Workshop Architecture

Understanding Security Requirements

  •   Fundamental Data Security Requirements
  •   Security Risks
  •   Techniques to Enforce Security

Choosing Security Solutions

  • Database Access Control: Authentication
  •   Protecting Against Database Bypass with Encryption
  •   Protecting Sensitive Data
  •   Protecting against Application Bypass
  •   Detecting Threats
  •   Compliance

Implementing Basic Database Security

  •   Database Security Checklist
  •   Reducing Administrative Effort
  •   Principle of Least Privilege
  •   Objects Protection

Configuring Network Security

  •   Network Access Control
  •   Listener Security
  •   Listener Usage Control
  •   Manage fine-grained access to external network services

Discovering Basic Configuration Issues

  •   Accessing Enterprise Manager Security Reports
  •   Using Various Security Reports

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