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Increasing Impact in the New Digital Normal

It’s no surprise that technology continues to evolve and now more than ever, employees need to be ready and prepared with skills to work effectively in the digital age. What was once ‘ahead of us’ is now here. The new digital era is our new normal.

The digital age is redefining our role in the workplace. With such a changeable future ahead, it pays to be prepared to ensure you can increase your impact with the skills you will need to succeed.

As well as job specific skills, every role in every organisation also needs general people skills around topics such as collaboration, storytelling, relationship building and understanding strategy to name but a few.

Our brand new virtual workshop will explore 4 bite size key topic areas to support you to adapt to the new normal workplace:

  • Collaborating in the digital age (MS Teams)
  • Digital relationship building
  • Thinking strategically – supporting your customers’ digital transformation
  • Telling a story with data

Who will the course benefit?

Anyone who works with customers, stakeholders, colleagues and is required to collaborate, grow their business and build relationships.

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Learning Objectives

  • Describe the functionality of MS Teams
  • Dos and don’ts of using online tools for meetings
  • How to have impact, presence and etiquette when chairing virtual meetings
  • Identify your own personal paradigms regarding the relationships you have with your customers
  • Consider whether you need to make a paradigm shift in any of your customer relationships
  • Identify how you will change thought processes
  • Recognise what you can do within your circle of influence to alter those customer relationships you would like to be different
  • Describe what ‘strategic thinking’ is and why it can benefit you in your role as an SDM
  • List the five strategic questions
  • Explain the habits, personal traits, behaviours and skills of a strategic thinker
  • Detail the key stages of strategic thinking
  • List some strategic thinking tools
  • Discuss a SCOT or PESTLE in relation to your own customers
  • How to bring data to life for your customer
  • How to articulate what the data is telling you
  • Present data in an engaging way
  • Use storytelling to back up what the data is telling you

Course Content

  1. Welcome and navigation
  2. Technology we use
  3. MS Teams overview
  4. Impact, presence and etiquette
  5. Review time
  6. What is a ‘paradigm’?
  7. Maps of the world
  8. What do you see?
  9. Our behaviours
  10. Inside-out approach
  11. See Do Get
  12. The circle of concern and influence
  13. What is ‘strategic thinking’?
  14. Stripping away the smoke and mirrors
  15. Strategic thinkers
  16. Key stages of strategic thinking
  17. Strategic thinking tools
  18. Data, data, everywhere!
  19. The four stages of analytics
  20. Gathering data
  21. Presenting and telling stories using data
  22. Top tips
  23. Action planning and close


There will be some minimal pre and post workshop activities to complete which include self-reflection, pre-reading and watching a video.

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