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Microsoft SQL Server Customer Reviews

Microsoft SQL Server Courses

rated 3.5 out of 5
based on 10 customer reviews

We offer all course delegates the opportunity to rate the course they have attended and provide additional feedback. You can see the comments from recent participants below:

in London - City

It was a very useful course for me, all of what I've learned can be directly applied to my work. The course was well structured and laid out in an understandable way by the trainer, the demos and lab exercises were very well done.

4.6 out of 5

- November 2019

in London - City

The course materials were good and delivered electronically via PDF. During certain points in the course (particularly the Regular Expressions), it would have been good to have a printed sheet of commands to refer to when doing the practicals. I had to constantly flip-flop between the commands and the practical exercises which wasted a lot of time. The delegate environment was a little slow and often seemed to lock up when using the pgAdmin tool when attempting to do the practical workshops. It was also impossible to make the the pgAdmin tool full screen on the primary monitor and as a result felt a little cramped. I got the impression that the trainer was knowledgeable about the course materials, but quickly got out of his depth when an off-topic question or detailed answer was required. Fortunately another trainer was available via a remote connection and he seemed to have a lot more practical experience with PostgreSQL. As an Oracle database practitioner of 20 years, my objective was to understand the PL/pgSQL language and operational differences between the two. I was very conscious that some of my questions were off-topic or required very detailed answers and I felt that I was unable to ask these during lesson time or during breaks due to the trainer's limited knowledge. I also didn't feel comfortable asking these types of questions of the remote trainer as he only seemed to be available during lesson time and this would be disruptive to the other delegates. I would have preferred the remote trainer to have been on-site so that I could ask these types of questions out of lesson time.

3.6 out of 5

- May 2019

in Birmingham

Focus on Training provided excellent service and were very accommodating. I do feel that the course places less emphasis on passing the associated exam and more emphasis on being a practitioner in the subject. There was very little mention of the exam on the course and I think that Microsoft would be providing a much better course if they included example questions and highlighted points of importance (i.e. are likely to appear in the exam)

3.6 out of 5

- July 2018

in London - City

4.2 out of 5

- June 2018

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