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Virtual Classroom - Time zone GST +4 (GMT +4 Hours)

Benefits of our Virtual Classroom:
  • More courses Guaranteed-to-Run
  • Interactive state of the art on-line training experience
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • No travel requirements
  • Remote students can attend from their home or office, saving you time and money on travel and accommodation
Some of the key features of our Virtual Classroom are:
  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Hands-on labs
  • Voice and video for remote students to interact with the Instructor and local students
  • Break out rooms that include both remote and local students
  • Electronic whiteboard for Instructor notes
  • VoIP or conference bridge audio
  • Low bandwidth requirements for remote students


What do I require to participate in a Virtual delivery?

You’ll need a PC (or Mac) with a direct internet connection* (ideally 1Mbps or greater) and a PC headset for audio**.

If you have a webcam, it is recommended that you use it during the sessions but this is optional.

For more detail on minimum PC/Mac specification, please click here

*a direct connection is recommended for connection to our remote labs. It is also possible to connect through an HTML proxy but without authentication. If you are unsure your connection is suitable, please contact us and we will be able to provide details to test connectivity.

**It is possible to use built-in PC speakers and mic providing you are in a quiet environment.

Can I attend the FLEX course from my home?

Absolutely. As long as your employer allows it, you can attend from anywhere you have a reliable internet connection. To get the most out of the course,we recommend where you decide to attend from is quiet and free from distractions.

If I experience set up issues from my home or office who do I contact to get the problem resolved?

We ask all attendees to check WebEx and lab connectivity before attending the class to ensure they have no issues during the class. If you have any problems during this process, then help is on hand by calling us.

WebEx connectivity can be tested by clicking here

What’s included with my Virtual course?

As a Virtual course student, you get the same as a student attending in the classroom (with the exception of refreshments). You get a copy of the official courseware, access to our remote labs and live instruction from a fully certified instructor who shares his presentations and diagrams/whiteboard on your screen. 

When can I expect to receive my manual and login details?

Typically this should arrive 3-4 working days before your class is due to start (to the location of your choice). The logins are emailed to you 1-2 working days before the class starts.

Can I actively participate in the course labs?

Of course, all Virtual classes that include lab exercises are delivered using remote labs meaning your experience is identical to that experienced by the classroom students. It is also possible for you to present your desktop back to the instructor so he can support any challenges you are experiencing and even take control of your desktop if required.   

What’s in place to ensure the delivery quality is of a high standard?

All our Virtual training rooms are equipped with high quality video and audio along with interactive whiteboards to provide you with the best possible experience. The interactive whiteboards allow you, the remote student, to see exactly what is written/drawn on the classroom whiteboard on your PC screen. On the first day of every Virtual class, a member of our operations team logs into the session to make sure everything goes smoothly and is on hand in case of any questions.

How do I interact with the live classroom participants and instructor?

We use WebEx training centre for the delivery of our classes which has a number of excellent features to help communication between remote students and the classroom. As well as the excellent audio allowing a 2 way voice conversation with the instructor you are also able to hear any questions that are raised in class. In addition to this, WebEx is equipped with the ability to raise your hand ‘virtually’ and an instant message chat function.

What if I’m not satisfied with attending as a Virtual student?

We take quality seriously and are confident you will have a great experience as a Virtual student. To give you the added peace of mind, if for any reason you are not fully satisfied after the Virtual course, we will be happy to offer you a free of charge classroom space on the same course.


The Virtual classroom service helps provide more courses in more subjects and disciplines than ever before, offering expert instructor-led courses and tutorials. Blending traditional classroom teaching with online instructor-led training – our Virtual classroom training can fit effortlessly into the lives of professionals, students and organisations with minimal disruption.

Remote students can benefit from the online tutorials with voice and video training from industry-leading experts and local students. Offering both participatory and passive learning modes, the Virtual classroom also provides breakout rooms for remote and local students to discuss ideas and share knowledge.

Virtual  Classroom - Time zone GST +4 (Gulf Standard Time) (GMT +4 Hours)

This course will be delivered in English

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