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HP-UX Advanced Shell Programming Tools

HP-UX Advanced Shell Programming Tools Course Overview

This Hewlett Packard HP-UX Posix Shell Programming training course is designed to give delegates practical experience using a range of HP-UX tools to manipulate text and incorporate them into HP-UX shell scripts.

Who will the Course Benefit?

Programmers, developers and system administrators who need to construct shell scripts using advanced text handling facilities.

The HP-UX Advanced Shell Programming Tools course assumes knowledge of the HP-UX Operating System to the level covered in the HP-UX Introduction Course. Some shell programming experience to the level covered in HP-UX Shell Programming is also necessary.


Learning Objectives

Course Objectives

To provide the knowledge and skills to make effective use of a wide range of standard HP-UX programming and development tools.


Pre-Requisite Courses

    * HP-UX Introduction
    * HP-UX Shell Programming

Course Content

Skills Gained

The delegate will practice:

    * Using the shell command line editor
    * Backing up and restoring files
    * Scheduling background jobs using cron and at
    * Using regular expressions
    * Editing text files with sed
    * Using file comparison utilities
    * Using the head and tail utilities
    * Using the cut and paste utilities
    * Using split and csplit
    * Identifying and translating characters
    * Sorting files
    * Translating characters in a file
    * Selecting text from files with the grep family of commands
    * Creating programs with awk

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