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The Practical MBA - Managing By Your Actions

A manager's effectiveness depends on the manager! This 2 day course provides a unique opportunity for a manager, or aspiring supervisor / manager, to step back and critically review how they manage and lead others. The review is very interactive and the course content very practical. Each delegate will receive feedback on the way they manage, which is done in a supportive, confidential and safe environment. Each delegate will prepare a personal action plan, which is both challenged and supported by other delegates.

This The Practical MBA - Managing By Your Actions training course is available throughout the UK.

CPD Value 11 Hours

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Learning Objectives

  • An awareness of their communication style.
  • A realisation that team empowerment is about actions not words.
  • A method to assess the likely cause of low commitment from others.
  • A more sensitive way for dealing with people.
  • The opportunity to check their current work / life balance.
  • A range of techniques that will improve understanding of both people and problems.
  • Personal feedback on their style of managing others.
  • A practical action plan.

Course Content

Day 1

09:30 - 10:00 Coffee, introductions and personal objectives

10:00 - 10:30 My style of communication

10:30 - 11:15 Giving and receiving feedback applied to first impressions

11:15 - 11:30 Coffee break

11:30 - 12:00 Team exercise

12:00 - 13:00 Empowerment is about action not words (Delegate led session)

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 - 14:45 Team exercise.

14:45 - 15:15 Gaining commitment from others.

15:15 - 16:15 Personal motivation using the work / life balance approach.

16:15 - 16:30 Review of day.

Day 2

09:30 - 09:45 Progress against personal objectives

09:45 - 10:30 Team exercise

10:30 - 11:15 How well do we really understand people? (Group skill level measured)

11:15 - 11:30 Coffee break

11:30 - 12:00 Techniques to deepen understanding

12:00 - 13:00 Practice using delegate examples

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 - 14:30 Team exercise

14:30 - 15:30 “Closing the gap”
(Personal feedback session)

15:30 - 15:45 Personal action plans

15:45 - 16:00 Support and challenge groups

16:00 - 16:30 “Live issues” discussion
(Overcoming implementation problems)

16:30 Summary & Action Plans Agreed

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