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Service Blueprinting

The Service Blueprinting course is a two-day learning event that practically explores service blueprinting through hands on activity and discussion.

A service blueprint is a diagram that visualizes the relationships between different service components that are directly tied to touchpoints in a customer journey. Think of Service Blueprints as sequels to Customer Journey Maps, one focuses solely on what the customer is doing, the other focuses on what the Business is doing in parallel.

Having this insight enables organisations to develop a comprehensive understanding of it’s service and the underlying resources and processes that make it possible. This enhanced view helps to discover weaknesses, identify opportunities for optimization and bridges efforts across departments.

This two-day highly practical course will take your design thinking skills and apply them to service design.

You will learn how to use service blueprinting techniques in a guided workshop before applying them to a real-world case study or your own business problems.

The topics explored during this course are:

  • Understanding Service Blueprints
  • Preparing for a Service Blueprint Session
  • Defining a Service Blueprint session
  • Organising a Service Design Session
  • Executing a Service Blueprint Session
  • Analysing Results
  • Service Blueprint Sprint

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Learning Objectives

At the end of this event, you will be able to:

  • Understand how service blueprints add value and solve problems
  • Plan and define a rigorous service design session
  • Develop and validate end to end customer solutions
  • Analyse data and make recommendations
  • Facilitate service design sessions


While there are no formal prerequisites for this course learners would benefit from having existing design thinking experience.

We recommend learners who are new to design thinking attend the 2-day Design Thinking workshop before moving on to Service Blueprinting.

Course Content

This two-day course aims to take your existing design thinking knowledge and apply this to service blueprinting.

Learning will begin with an overview of the theoretical aspects of service blueprinting through interactive discussion before moving on to practically apply these concepts to a real-world case study or your own business problems.

Learners will develop their understanding of how Empathy maps, personas and customer journeys power services, explore defining wicked problems and identify when to use, and when not use service blueprints.

Learners will experience how service blueprinting helps to see customer problems holistically.

The course covers:

  • Understanding Service Blueprints
  • Preparing for a Service Blueprint Session
    • Understanding Opportunity Spaces
    • Defining Scenarios and use cases
  • Defining a Service Blueprint session
    • Preparing steps and touch point
    • Defining the surface to core layers of a Service blueprint
  • Organising a Service Design Session
    • Identifying stakeholders
    • Setting up physical and digital spaces
    • Defining effective hygiene for good sessions
  • Executing a Service Blueprint Session
    • How to prepare stakeholders and facilitate a session
    • Identifying critical moments and ideas
    • Recording findings
  • Analysing Results
    • Organising and grouping data into themes
    • Identifying strategic and tactical themes
    • Analysing and weighting critical moments
    • Making Recommendations and validating results
  • Service Blueprint Sprint
    • Planning your session
    • Facilitate as teams

Synthesise results and recommendations

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