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Remote Team Leadership

Identify your current remote management practices and learn how to apply tried and tested techniques in the context of remote management.

With an increase in dispersed, virtual and remote teams, managers face new challenges in working with their teams from a distance. This course is focused on building and sustaining high performance in a remote team setting.

Target Audience

People who currently lead remote teams and who are focused on raising their own performance as team leaders as well as improving the results of their team.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define effective Leadership behaviours of remote teams.
  • Identify what  Remote Team Members need and expect from team leaders.
  • Use a combination of communication channels and methods to support effective team working. 
  • Create and maintain motivation and team spirit within remote working environments.
  • Use a number of techniques to manage and maximize the performance of remote team members

Course Content

Defining Effective Characteristics of Remote Teams

  • Defining the type of team you manage
  • Identifying the challenges and opportunities of remote working 
  • Differentiating between static and remote teams
  • Identifying the behaviours, skills and qualities of highly effective remote team leaders

Building a High-Performance Remote Team

  • Defining remote team members' expectations of their team leader
  • Creating the right environment
  • Engendering team spirit and trust
  • Understanding the emotional, psychological and physical requirements of remote workers 
  • Maximising the strengths a remote team offer

Communication Tools and Techniques

  • Identifying and overcoming the barriers to effective remote communication 
  • Planning when and how often to communicate 
  • Selecting the right communication method
  • Developing and implementing communication systems and processes using technology such as online forums and online virtual meetings

Managing Team Performance and Motivation

  • Creating a virtual environment to motivate the remote team 
  • Supporting and developing the team from a distance 
  • Providing effective feedback to the team and individuals 
  • Coaching from a distance
  • Measuring team performance on an ongoing basis

Continuing Your Development

  • Develop a personal action plan to support your return to the workplace

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