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Programme Management: Essential Skills for Your Programme Success

Developed by expert programme managers — and based on approaches consistent with organisations such as GAO, OMB, and other project and programme management disciplines — this training course covers key factors for delivering programs. Through realistic scenarios, you learn programme management best practices, including how to develop a business case, align programme requirements with organisational objectives, execute a programme roadmap, establish a governance framework, and manage stakeholders.

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Learning Objectives

You Will Learn How To

  • Apply programme management best practices
  • Align programmes with organisational strategy
  • Establish and execute the programme roadmap
  • Set up proper governance structure
  • Apply leadership skills and competencies


Recommended Experience:

  • Attendees should have managed or served on multiple project teams in the past

Course Content

Course Outline

What is Programme Management?

  • Distinguishing between a project and a program
  • Defining programmes, projects, and portfolios
  • Clarifying the roles of the project and programme managers
  • Setting up a Program Management Office (PMO)

Aligning Programmes and Organisational Strategy

Organisational strategy

  • Developing a vision, goals, and objectives
  • Assessing the maturity of the organisational strategy

Enterprise architecture

  • Defining the business, data, application, and technology architectures
  • Describing the organisational portfolio

Defining the current “as-is” and future “to-be” states

  • Assessing the “as-is” and future “to-be” states
  • Determining which parts of the current state can be used
  • Specifying required changes to existing systems and processes
  • Establishing required new systems and retirement of systems
  • Avoiding the “shelfware” syndrome
  • Aligning programme requirements with EA

The Programme Business Case

Creating a defendable programme business case

  • Structuring a business case
  • Using a process and a template

Financial Analysis

  • Determining costs and benefits
  • Applying financial tools

Risks and opportunities

  • Identifying risks and opportunities
  • Analysing risks and prioritising initiatives

Establishing the Programme Roadmap

Programme scope

  • Defining programme scope
  • Developing the programme Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Programme roadmap

  • Establishing programme components
  • Selecting major milestones
  • Developing the roadmap

Programme management plan

  • Estimating the programme costs
  • Developing subsidiary plans
  • Determining resources
  • Generating an acquisition strategy
  • Developing a programme transition plan

Managing the Benefits

  • Identifying programme benefits
  • Planning benefit realisation
  • Delivering programme benefits
  • Reviewing and optimising benefits realisation
  • Transitioning and sustaining benefits

Programme Governance and Stakeholder Engagement

Programme governance

  • Establishing the proper governance structure
  • Distinguishing programme, portfolio and organisational governance
  • Defining the decision-making authority
  • Implementing a programme governance

Stakeholder engagement

  • Identifying programme stakeholders
  • Creating stakeholder profiles
  • Generating a stakeholders register
  • Planning stakeholder engagement
  • Developing a programme communications plan
  • Establishing the programme management team

Programme Monitoring

Programme dashboard

  • Designing the dashboard to assess programme health
  • Establishing dashboard utilisation and updates


  • Identifying necessary metrics
  • Selecting source of metrics
  • Assessing metrics benefits vs. costs


  • Identifying and classify programme risks and opportunities
  • Assessing programme risks probabilities and impacts
  • Selecting risks for the dashboard 

Monitor and Control

  • Identifying issues
  • Assessing programme health

Leading a Program

Leadership skills

  • Setting the vision
  • Protecting the team
  • Dealing with adversity
  • Understanding and working with stakeholder expectations

Management skills

  • Establishing and following the processes
  • Selecting the right people for the right roles
  • Mentoring and support
  • Negotiating for resources


  • Communicating effectively with staff at all levels
  • Driving proper communications between project teams
  • Ensuring proper communications with all stakeholders

Exams & Certification

This course is approved by PMI® for 23 professional development units (PDUs).

  Technical : 8 PDUs
  Business & Strategic : 9.5 PDUs
  Leadership : 5.5 PDUs

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