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Practical HR for Managers - Your Guide to Responsibilities, Employment Law and Legal Rights

This is a practical course which introduces you to the world of employment law, legal rights and your responsibilities as a manager. We will touch on the human side of HR policies and how you can use such as a planning tool to hold difficult conversations.

There is now more employment legislation than ever before and the need for well-informed line managers has never been greater. This one-day course will help you develop your confidence in dealing with HR and employment law issues in the workplace through a series of practical exercises and tools.
You will be made fully aware of the impact your role has on the good HR practices of the company.
If you want to avoid getting things wrong (with potential legal repercussions for you and your company) and you want to use good HR practice to behave appropriately in all circumstances, this course is for you!

Designed for every manager and leader with line management responsibilities, this course will help you to understand the skills and knowledge required to carry out your managerial responsibilities related to legal rights and employment law.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the HR role and responsibilities of a modern manager
  • Deal professionally with personal issues that affect your people
  • Develop a clear understanding of the current employment legislation (an overview of the Equality Act 2010) and the protected characteristics 
  • Understand what discrimination in the workplace means 
  • Manage absences and family-friendly policies 
  • Handle and resolve grievances positively (using the ACAS Guidelines)
  • Spot when and where discipline action is necessary (using the ACAS Guidelines)
  • Use a practical tool for holding performance management conversations (informal and formal discipline conversations) 

Course Content

The Line Manager's Role and Responsibilities of Employment Law and Legal Rights

  • Defining your roles and responsibilities
  • The scope and depth of the line manager's employment law, legal rights and HR duties
  • Understand when to get help from a HR specialist


Employment Law and Legal Rights to Protect Employees, Yourself and Your Organisation

  • Identifying the current employment legislation
  • Understanding discrimination - positive, direct and indirect, associative and perceptive including the definition of victimisation and harassment
  • Applying equality, diversity and fairness in the workplace
  • Gaining an overview of the Data Protection Act


Managing Absence Effectively

  • Distinguish between what is authorised and unauthorised absence (including looking at long-term sick leave)
  • Implement practical solutions to deal with absence issues
  • Latest legislation and its effect on you as a manager - e.g. parental leave, domestic leave, maternity / paternity leave, keep in touch days


Handling Discipline and Grievances at Work

  • Defining what a grievance is
  • How to handle and resolve grievances positively
  • Discipline procedures - identifying when and where action is necessary
  • Using a planning tool to handle the difficult conversations about poor performance sensibly


Personal Development

  • Formulating a personal action plan


This activity has been specifically designed to help you prepare for the course and forms part of the learning. It should take you about 15 minutes to complete. 
Your pre-course activity consists of:
Identify and note down what you consider to be a “difficult” feedback situation. 
This can be real occasion when you have given feedback in the past but would have liked to have done it differently (more effectively for you and your team member) OR this can be a current situation you are dealing with. You will use this example in a practice session. 

NB – ‘difficult’ feedback may include improvement/correctional feedback which has or will address poor performance or behaviours. It can be at the informal or formal warning stage of the discipline process. 

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