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Performance Management: Beyond the Basics

A hands-on one-day course with free pre-course online skills testing

Target Audience:

Managers and supervisors, present and aspiring, with an understanding of the basics of managing staff, who want to take their skills and knowledge to a higher level.


Learning Objectives

This intensive one-day workshop is designed to develop practical skills in managing staff beyond the basics. It creates an understanding of delegation, communication and assertiveness as a basis for lessons on giving feedback and performance counselling. There is also treatment, via short case studies, of a number of common difficult scenarios, and ends with an extremely useful section which deals with development of delegates general management skills.

Course Content

MODULE 1:  Course Introduction

Topics covered:

•Knowledge Skills Checklist  

MODULE 2:  Delegation

Learning outcomes:

Be able to recognise what is meant by the 5 levels of delegation, benefits and barriers and delegating effectively.  

Topics covered:

•What is Delegation?

•The Five Levels of Delegation

•Five Steps to Delegation

•When Delegation is not Possible

•Delegation - Benefits and Barriers

•Delegation Process  

MODULE 3:  Communication

Learning outcomes:

Recognise the benefits of good communication skills, understand the benefits and identify the barriers.  

Topics covered:

•What is Communication?

•Benefits of Good Communication Skills

•Why Communication Goes Wrong

•Communication Methods  

MODULE 4:  Assertiveness, Aggressiveness and Passivity

Learning outcomes:

Recognise assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours and be able to use the 3 steps to assertive behaviour effectively.  

Topics covered:

•What is Assertiveness?

•What is Aggressiveness?

•What is Passivity?

•Assertiveness - the 3 Steps

•Assertiveness Practice  

MODULE 5:  Giving Feedback

Learning outcomes:

Be able to plan and evaluate feedback, using it as part of the performance management process.  

Topics covered:

•Feedback - the EEC Model

•Receiving Feedback

•Feedback Exercises  

MODULE 6:  Performance Counselling

Learning outcomes:

Recognise how Performance Counselling can be a useful tool to deal with employees who under-perform in the workplace.

Topics covered:

•The Performance Counselling (P.C.) Meeting

•Performance Counselling Meeting: Preparation

•Conducting the Performance Counselling Meeting

•Performance Counselling Meeting Process

•Exercise: Friday The 13th!

•Factors to Consider Before Implementing Disciplinary Procedure  

MODULE 7:  Dealing With Difficult Situations: Case Studies

Learning outcomes:

Use case studies to analyse difficult situations and learn how to manage them effectively.  

Topics covered:

•New Manager

•Romance in the Office

•Sloppy Work

•Unacceptable Banter

•Resistance to Change

•Dealing with Body Odour

•Clumsy Management  

MODULE 8:  Practical Ideas to Develop Your Management Skills

Learning outcomes:

Recognise where to go to research and plan for your continuing professional development.  

Topics covered:

•Developing your Knowledge / Experience

•Developing your Skills / Competencies

•Developing your Attitude  

MODULE 9:  Your Personal Action Plan

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