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IACCM Fundamentals of Contract and Commercial Management

The IACCM Fundamentals of Contract and Commercial Management course and qualification is intended to equip delegates with basic insights and understanding of contracting principles and the impact they have on both their business and personal life.

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Learning Objectives

Holders of the IACCM Fundamentals in Commercial and Contract Management qualification will be able to demonstrate:

  • The significance & role of contracts & contracts professionals in the world of business
  • The contract management lifecycle & the elements essential to each of its phases
  • How to select from a broad range of knowledge, approaches and tools
  • Key concepts in contracts & associated legal considerations
  • Basic risk assessment techniques
  • The principles & process of contract negotiation
  • Effective contract delivery and operations post-contract signature
  • Understand and manage discussions about contracts in a commercial context
  • Manage suppliers and relate to customers to achieve a positive and effective working relationship
  • Contribute to pre-contract signature activities to increase the likelihood of successful contract implementation and outcome
  • Understand how to manage risk and opportunity in contracts


There are no specific certifications or credentials needed to take this course and associated exam. The course is primarily targeted at Account Managers, Bid Managers, Relationship Managers, Programme/Project Managers and Service Managers who need an initial grounding in contract and commercial management principles.

Course Content

IACCM Fundamentals of CCM - Introduction – Module 1

The Module will cover the following topics:

  • Commercial relationships: building a foundation
  • The relationship continuum
  • Using contracts to document commercial relationships
  • Choosing the best tool for the job

IACCM Fundamentals of CCM - Contract Essentials – Module 2

This Module will cover the following topics:

Essential elements of a Contract

  • Overview: what is a contract?
  • Different types of agreement
  • Other business relationships
  • Complex and specialized agreements

Beyond the written word

  • Civil law versus common law
  • The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)
  • The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
  • Relevant Regional law
  • Private commercial law

Cost, pricing, and payment

  • Customer perspective on costs
  • Basic pricing principles
  • Legal considerations
  • Factors that influence pricing
  • Pricing models/contract types
  • Estimating and job costing
  • Payment management
  • Main types of payment
  • Consignment sales
  • Standard Letters of Credit
  • Bonds

Negotiation principles

  • Negotiating approaches today
  • Negotiation styles
  • Negotiation planning and strategy
  • Integrating information for results

Overview of the contract management lifecycle

  • Initiate phase
  • Bid phase
  • Develop phase
  • Negotiate phase

IACCM Fundamentals of CCM - Initiate – Module 3

This Module will cover the following topics:

Initiate phase: Requirements

  • The importance of requirements
  • Developing effective requirements
  • What goes wrong
  • Constructing an RFI or RFP
  • Supplier perspective

IACCM Fundamentals of CCM - Bid – Module 4

This Module will cover the following topics:

Bid phase: bid and proposal management:

  • Overview
  • The RFx documents and the buyer perspective
  • Bid and proposal management – the seller perspective

IACCM Fundamentals of CCM – Develop - Module 5

This Module will cover the following topics:

Develop phase: selecting a contract type

  • Preliminary agreements

Selling goods and services

  • Licenses and leases
  • Other business relationships
  • Complex and specialized agreements

Develop phase: preliminary agreements

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Letters of Intent

Develop phase: selling goods

  • Sale of goods only

Develop phase: selling goods and services

  • Contracts for services
  • Contracts for the sale of both goods (products) and services

Develop phase: licenses and leases

  • Licenses
  • Leases

Develop phase: other business relationships

  • Working with agents and distributors
  • Location really matters
  • Selling with business consortia, joint ventures and alliances
  • Prime/subcontractor agreements
  • Implementing alliances through teaming agreements
  • A second relationship continuum

Develop phase: complex and specialized agreements

  • IT solutions
  • Major infrastructure
  • Outsourcing

IACCM Fundamentals of CCM – Negotiate - Module 6

This Module will cover the following topics:

Negotiation phase: unplanned negotiation

  • Why negotiate?
  • When to negotiate
  • What to negotiate
  • Who negotiates?
  • Where to negotiate
  • How to negotiate

IACCM Fundamentals of CCM – Manage Transition - Module 7

This Module will cover the following topics:

Manage phase: transition to a new contract

  • Culture and attitude
  • Understanding the contract
  • Communication

Manage phase: managing changes and disputes

  • The pervasiveness of change
  • Initiating and documenting change
  • Contract claims
  • Contract disputes
  • The causes of disputes
  • Resolving common operational disputes

IACCM Fundamentals of CCM – Manage Operations - Module 8

This Module will cover the following topics:

Manage phase: managing performance

  • Key performance indicators
  • Delivery
  • Invoicing
  • Benchmarking pricing
  • Contract targets and other measurements
  • Regular management of the contract

Exams & Certification

There is a 40 minute, 50 question, multiple choice, closed book ONLINE exam associated with this qualification. The exam is not completed during the 2 day event and is taken AFTER attending the course at a time convenient to the delegate. During the course you will be issued with a login to be able to take the exam within 30 days of the start date of the course through IACCM's online portal. The pass mark for this exam is 70% (35 out of 50).

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