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Driving Change

Change, by its very nature, can be unsettling. Whilst people are worrying about change, they are less productive and may even be feeling disenfranchised or hostile. However, change is one of the few things we can actually rely on happening! The good news is that change can be communicated as a positive experience. When its dynamics are understood, change can be managed in a way that enables people to cope with it effectively.

This programme is for you if:

you want to be able to build a shared vision of the future that can come only through change. You will also learn how to gain true buy-in to change programmes and generate a more productive environment in a changing organisation.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the reason for change
  • Understand the impact of change on organisations and people
  • Minimise the stress that change can create and limit the damage to the business
  • Maintain better communication through a difficult process
  • Learning about change and how to change
  • Demonstrate the benefits of confronting, implementing and assessing change
  • Take responsibility for and ownership of change
  • Manage and lead the change process

Course Content

Introduction and Objectives

What is change and what does it mean to the business?

  • The reasons why change happens
  • Looking at factors that bring change

The change process and the stages involved

  • How change affects organisations and people
  • People’s attitude to change

Change management styles and roles

  • The change agent’s role
  • Management styles

Change and the team

  • Attitudes and behaviours
  • The key elements of communicating change and overcoming resistance
  • Minimising barriers
  • Turning change into opportunity

Change management core competencies

  • Techniques for analysing the current situation
  • Techniques for building a shared vision of the future
  • Rules for creativity and methods for achieving consensus
  • Introduction to planning techniques
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Problem solving

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